What to put in your Christmas Eve Box.

What to put in your Christmas Eve Box.

Our Christmas Eve Box is one of children’s highlights. They absolutely love it. However the question I get asked regularly is what do you put in Christmas eve box? At what point do you give your Children a Christmas eve  box? Also who brings the Christmas eve box? Father Christmas? The parents? So I thought I would write a little post about what we put in our Christmas eve box and after trying a few different times – which we think is the best time to surprise the kids with their Christmas eve treats.

New Pj’s

Of course this is maybe the most important item without a doubt. It is also possibly the only time my Children get excited about receiving pjs. I love to get them matching nightwear and I don’t think they mind it. It is rarely festive pjs and sometimes they may also receive some slippers. It is pretty much an unwritten rule that you need new Pjs on Christmas eve.

A Family Game

My kids are obsessed with family games. I think they just love that time together as a family. It can be quite difficult finding a game that we can all play together as Alfie is only three. It needs to be something easy to play and not too complicated to set up. Once we got Mouse Trap. It took that long to set up we didn’t have time to actually play it for long. Needless to say it has never been played since. We have reviewed a few family games previously Dough Nab and some Orchard Games. Both of these would be perfect if you are looking for some family games ideas.


We always include a chocolate treat. A Christmas selection box or some chocolate coins. This is mainly to pad out the Christmas eve box but it is always received quite well!!

A Small Toy.

We always include a toy. Nothing big and it is usually something from their Christmas list that would possibly get overlooked on Christmas day but is absolutely loved on Christmas Eve. Some stationery or some collectibles. A little something that will get them so excited for the big day.

A Christmas Book

A Christmas bedtime story book. One that is full of magic and excitement that we ready together as a family before they go to bed on Christmas eve. This one looks lovely Dear Father Christmas. 

I don’t think our Christmas eve box is particularly extravagant. I would possibly buy most of these items anyway. it is just enough to bring a little more excitement on Christmas Eve.

It took us a couple of years to find the perfect time to show the Christmas box. At first we would drop it at the door in the early evening. They thought it was Santa’s elves leaving it for them. We found that although they loved it there was not enough time left for the to enjoy it. We were obviously wanting to get the kids bathed and to bed so we could start assembling toys. So the last couple of years it appears Christmas eve morning once they wake up. Our elf on the shelf goes back to the North Pole and leaves them the box of treats. They then have all day to enjoy it. Playing with their new toy through the day. We get the family game out mid afternoon and they are just so excited about it all.

What do you put in your Christmas Eve box?

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