Collectibles – Introducing Nanables

Collectibles – Introducing Nanables

My girls are huge fans of collectibles, we have lots. Anything small, cute and that fits in their bags are always a winner! What I love about collectibles is that they are affordable. The girls are able to spend their pocket money on them. They are also perfect at this time of year for Christmas stocking fillers.

Introducing the new collectibles – Nanables

So when we were sent some Nanables we were all very excited. These collectibles seem a little different then anything we have found before. Firstly they are tiny little houses all slightly different and individually packed. The Nanables collectibles belong in either Sweetness Town or Rainbow Way. Each house contain tiny little characters called Nanos which thankfully have built in hangouts (otherwise they would be really easy to lose as they are really small) in the door way or balcony.

My children’s first impressions of Nanables

The houses are really cute and full of colour.My girls especially loved the unicorn themed one and the doughnut one.The doors open and you can also take a look inside of the house from the window and view the magical homes of the Nano.It was lovely  to see my girls using their imaginations and creating scenarios with these toys. They had lots of fun and even insisted on taking them out with us so they could play with them on the car journey, in fact every time we stopped they got out these little toys and had a quick play.

Nanables also come with a free downloadable app which brings the Nano’s world to life. It is full of activities and games which the girls enjoyed. Whilst the app is a great added bonus, I am all for putting those screens down and just playing and creating stories and activities on their own. It is great that it is available and free. However I don’t feel that it is necessary. We had great fun without using it.

Nanables - the new collectibles

Nanables - the new collectiblesNanables - the new collectiblesNanables - the new collectibles


Collectibles are perfect for Christmas stocking fillers. A little toy that’s not too expensive but certain to bring a smile to your child’s face.

We were sent some Nanables in exchange for a honest review


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