The Week Junior Magazine

The Week Junior Magazine

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Meme has just turned ten. She has always been an inquisitive child as is Harri. They have a really good awareness of what is going on in the world. We talk about current affairs, they listen to the radio and watch Newround. Now more than ever with Covid19 they are understanding a little more about how what is happening in the world is affecting their daily life.

An important part of parenting for me is educating my children. Ensuring that they have the right tools and information for them to be able to form their own opinion about issues. The problem that we have with this is that we live in world a now that our Children can read articles and other people’s opinions on gossip websites and social media which obviously can dilute what they think and believe. They need reliable sources to provide them with non-bias news that they can then form their own opinion from.

The Week Junior Magazine

This is one of the main reasons that I am so excited to be working with The Week Junior magazine. if you are not familiar with it (I wasn’t) it is a weekly magazine/newspaper for children. It is filled with news,sport, facts, photographs reviews and fun things to do.

We have received the October issue to tie in with half term so I was interested to see what Meme thought about it. First of all she was delighted in receiving mail especially for her. It made her feel grown up. She was also excited to see some familiar faces on the front including Mary Berry and Jo Wicks.

Reading through the magazine each page is different. Starting with a section of this week’s big news. Then as we read on there is sections about world news, home news, people, the environment, photos and much more. Meme particularly loved the Book Club pages. She is an avid reader and she is always looking for the next book to read so these recommendations are perfect for her. She also enjoyed the Sport section.

For me as a parent I found the article on understanding racism really important. Racism is an issue that is not talked about enough in schools. This article provides lots of information about what it is and how we can stop racism. This is what our children need to be reading.

Half Term Fun

During half term the ‘How to’ pages will be used a lot!! This month there is a recipe for Red Red which looks delicious. There are also lots of recipes, crafts and ideas on how to keep your child busy this half term in the activity hub – we have been busy looking through them not just for half term but also easy after school activities. Meme absolutely loved the idea of making a story dice and even her Sister has got involved making up stories. Such an easy idea but will keep them busy for hours.

The Week Junior is a magazine that your child will pick up over and over again to read snippets and no doubt learn and educate themselves. The magazine is aimed at ages 8-14. My youngest daughter is 7 and has also had a little look and she quite liked it. We read a couple of articles together and it is a great way to talk about issues with her. during this pandemic it has been scary for children. Obviously The Week talks about Covid19 but in a factual manner and how it affects them.

You can now subscribe to The week with the first 6 months free. I plan to do this for Meme, I really believe it is important. It is a great way to see if she likes it, reads it and learns from it. If she does then I will continue with the monthly subscription. Knowledge is power.

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  1. I have not heard of this but I bet my daughter would have loved it when she was little. What an exciting way to stay informed and love reading.

  2. I love this idea and love that there is a magazine for the kiddos. When I was a kid my grandparents always subscribed me for the Highlights magazine and I loved it 🙂

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