A Day at the Races

A Day at the Races

The Grand National is almost upon – possibly the most glamorous day for many. Having been to Ladies Day at the Grand National many times, I must admit it is a really special day. Full of atmosphere and elegance. A day where anything goes. Big dresses, huge hats and statement accessories. There is nothing quite like the fashion at the Grand National.

Not just the Grand National the race calendar is full of tournaments at this time of year. If you are planning on attending one not only should you be learning about the horses competing and researching the jockeys. You also need to be planning your outfit. Here are some Dos and Don’t for races attire, for Woman and Men.

Check out the Dress Code.

Generally the dress code for a trip to the races is smart. However many tournaments can differ so don’t get caught out!

Don’t Forget the Weather.

Whilst the races is always a great day. We are British and well we have very British weather! There is nothing worse than buying the most beautiful dress but being absolutely freezing all day and feeling glum. Or wearing gorgeous heels that absolutely kill your feel when you stand in them too long. Wear something fabulous but that suits the day. Or if you have to wear those killer heels, put a pair of flat shoes in your handbag just in case!

Suited and Booted

A suit is a must for men. You must admit there is nothing smarted than a Man in a suit. For the races you can’t go wrong. There are so many Men’s Race Day Suits to choose from. Any colours goes from navy blue to grey there is so much choice, just as long as it fits well you can’t really go wrong.


Finally do not forget the accessories. Ladies the races is a chance to wear a hat! Go for it! As for the Men, sunglasses will add the finishing touch to a well cut suit.

Whatever you choose to wear this race season make sure you love it. Feel wonderful and comfortable and make sure you have the best time!

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