Looking for Childcare and support? Read this post.

Looking for Childcare and support? Read this post.

Childcare is always a big issue when you are a parent. It is something you don’t even think about too much until you have to return to work after maternity leave. Then childcare becomes an even bigger problem when you children start school which of course finishes at 3pm. Which is why I jumped at the opportunity to work with If you are not familiar with, it is a portal with over 2 million users where you can find childcare requirements (and more) in your area.

The Website

The site is really user friendly and easy to register. Once you have entered a user name and password you are then asked to tick what tags are relevant to you. There are a huge different selection of options ranging from childminder, babysitter, live in nanny, private tutor even potty trainer. You can even specify if you would prefer a male nanny.

The next step after completing your personal details is what times do you require the childcare. This again is a tick box and you can tick as many times as you need. Mornings, before school, after school, evenings, nights and weekends.

Once you have completed all of your requirements you can access a while range of childminders that fit these. You are presented with a picture profile of the person’s name, how far they are from you, qualifications and a little bit about them. This is very detailed which I find really beneficial. You can straight away see if they can drive, have access to a car, pick up and drop off at your the school your child attends. They have also have their availability for you to see. There is no need for time consuming emails being sent back and forth. Most importantly maybe is that you can read and post reviews. Other parent recommendations is so important to me so this section is like gold dust. The childminders hourly rate is also included in their information.

Support during Covid19

During the last few months, like a lot of parents I have been worried about my children falling behind at school. Especially because now there are still lots of uncertainties with what lies ahead with Covid19. There potentially may be more lock downs and school closures on the horizons. More people are turning to private tutors to help assist their children catch up and keep up with the workload. is a great and easy way to find one in your area again with recommendations. Personally I have had to find a private tutor for my eldest daughter to help her prepare for the 11+ exam next year which will help determine what secondary school she will attend. Finding a good tutor was quite a hard and lengthy process that really doesn’t need to be. I wish I had discovered this site earlier.

I am really impressed with it is a really easy way to find local childcare and babysitters. This year it is no doubt needed more than ever. Grandparents can’t help out as much if at all. Working from home can create issues when you have younger children around and also I am aware that not all school are offering the usual after school club provisions. If you are in need of some support and childcare help especially during these tough times i would definitely recommend checking out

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