Pros for a Real Christmas Tree (and Cons!)

Pros for a Real Christmas Tree (and Cons!)

We are huge fans of having a real Christmas tree. We. get one every year. I actually can’t imagine Christmas without one. However there are pros for a real Christmas tree and cons. I thought I would write some of these down so if you are unsure you can make a informed decision!

Pros for a Real Christmas Tree.

  • The smell of a real tree is amazing. It smells like Christmas. In the past I can smell it as soon as I walk into my home.
  • The buying of the real Christmas tree can be so much fun. In the past we have had it delivered straight to our door which was so convenient. We have also visited our local farm and chose one to bring home with us. The choosing of the Christmas tree can be the start of a whole new tradition.
  • Real trees are more environmentally friendly. By buying a real tree you are supporting the forests and helping to fight climate change.
  • There is no need to find storage as it will be thrown away and recycled after Christmas.

Cons for a Real Christmas Tree

  • Fake trees can work out more cost effective over the years. You can get cheaper real trees but obviously these need re- buying every year. When me and my husband got married we bought a fake Christmas tree for our home which cost around £100. We have now had it for around 14 years and still use it every Christmas.
  • You can choose a fake tree in any colour (within reason) to suit your decor. Green, black, white even pink!
  • Real trees can be messy leaving pine needles over your floor every day.

There is lots to think about when choosing a Christmas tree. I hope these few points help you decided what tree is best for you.

Whether it is a real Christmas tree or a fake one I am sure it will look amazing.



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