A real Christmas Tree with The Christmas Forest.

A real Christmas Tree with The Christmas Forest.

Christmas is magical isn’t it? The most wonderful time of year. I have always loved Christmas but now I’m a parent I find it even more exciting. The start of the festive season for us is putting up the Christmas tree. It goes up on the first day of December and it’s a special moment in our house. My children look forward to it so much and it is hard not to get caught up in their excitement.

We have had a real Christmas tree for the last few years now.

There is something quite special about them I think, in fact I’m not sure I could go back to having an artificial tree again. Last year we worked with The Christmas Forest¬†reviewing one of their beautiful trees. This year I have been lucky enough to work with them again.

Prior to working with The Christmas Forest I would never have thought it was possible to order a real Christmas tree online. When I speak to people about my tree they are also surprised at this. However, it is the perfect way to get one, especially with young children (no more trying to strap a tree to the roof of the car surrounded by bored whining children). You can also order it as early as October so you know when it’s coming and can plan your time (and decorations) around it.

The Christmas Forest Website

The website is really user friendly. It is as simple as completing what tree you would like (we ordered the 6ft Nord tree – which is amazing) and also if you would like a stand with it. We used a water stand for the first time last year and it’s definitely worth the extra money to preserve your beautiful tree that bit longer. You only need to buy it once and can reuse it every year.

You complete your order by adding your name, telephone number and address. Then it is on to the delivery. All you need to do is choose a date that suits you. If you are London based (I’m not) you need to order by 12pm for next day delivery, everywhere else in the UK you need to order by 7am. The tree is delivered straight to your door. Those lucky people based in London can also have it set up.

The only complaint that I would have is that you can’t choose a delivery time for it to arrive. However, this is the same as most deliveries.

Our real Christmas tree is stunning. We had lots of fun decorating it and it is the perfect size for our room. I also want to mention the amazing smell. The beautiful aroma fills the home and it’s the first thing you notice as you enter.

Real Christmas tree Real Christmas Tree


I would definitely recommend trying out The Christmas Forest. This time of year can be stressful enough so make buying the tree process as easy as you can. Let the festivities begin.

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