Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Growing up we never had a real Christmas tree, whenever me and my sisters asked could we get one my parents always replied with ‘oh they are too messy, we will have pine needles everywhere’. Despite this, I knew as soon as I had a family of my own I would get a real tree. There is just something quite special about them. I remember when we eventually got our first real tree that I could never not have one. Walking into the room and straight away smelling the tree is amazing, it really gets you excited for Christmas.

When I was given the opportunity to review a tree from The Christmas Forest I was beyond excited. You can order various sizes on their website or you can pop into one of their many stores, they even deliver anywhere in the UK! I was delighted with this as, although I love the idea of going to choose a tree as a family and tying it to the top of your car like they do in all of the Christmas films, past experience has proved that this can be more difficult than it looks, especially at the moment whilst my children are so young. Getting the tree delivered was so much easier, I was given a delivery date and it arrived as expected along with a water based stand.

After following the preparation instructions it was up and ready to decorate in no time. It is such a beautiful tree, we chose the 6ft size and the width is just perfect. The trunk is really straight, the tree is even and it looks lovely in the stand. We have never had a water stand before so I am interested to see if the tree lasts a little longer than previous ones. The smell of the tree is amazing and is so strong, I could smell it as soon as we unwrapped it from the packaging. It makes me feel so happy as soon as I walk into my kitchen.

We spent December 1st decorating our beautiful tree with some trinkets and baubles, reminiscing about when we bought them and making very some very special memories. Thank you to The Christmas Forest for helping make our Christmas extra special.

The Christmas Forest

The Christmas Forest

The Christmas ForestThe Christmas Forest

The Christmas Forest


We were sent this Christmas tree in exchange for a honest review. 

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  1. What beautiful photos. I must admit to being very envious of your real tree – my parents have a huge one ever year (and I mean really huge – usually around 14ft) but we just have an artificial one at home. My husband won’t let me have a real one unless we’re spending Christmas Day here!

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