Life with a toddler – Alfie at 21 months.

Life with a toddler – Alfie at 21 months.

I have been a little rubbish with my Alfie update posts, time just goes so fast. Yet I know these are the posts that I will want to look back on in years to come. Remembering those special moments with my precious son.

Alfie is now 21 months and we are hurtling towards his second birthday. He makes me smile so much just thinking about him, he is so lovely. A head full of blonde hair curling at the bottom. I know I only have months if not weeks before I will have to go and get his first hair cut (which I am dreading). His speech is brilliant. He counts to ten mainly because we spend many hours walking up and down the stairs counting, it is his favourite thing to do. Alfie has never really been one to play, but he has become quite attached to his Buzz Lightyear doll who he actually calls ‘Beyond’.

Still wobbly with his walking but I think that may be because he runs at speed all the time. Sometimes repeating our ‘slow slow’. He is a character! I am so used to shy little girls who used to sit on my knee quietly when I took them to a baby group, but not Alfie. He is up at the front joining in and making everyone smile. I love that about him.

I have to add that it’s not all giggles and fun, he is hard work, we have a lot of tantrums every single day. Like a typical toddler he wants his own way all the time. He is pretty full on all day and by the time 7pm comes around I am more than ready for him to go to bed. I am finding these toddler years a lot harder than the baby years.

I love the relationship that he has with his sisters. He adores them and they adore him. It is so lovely to watch them together. Every night before bed time her runs up to them to kiss them goodnight. When he sits in his car seat he automatically reaches for his sister’s hand to hold. They melt my heart watching them together and I feel so lucky that they are all so close.

So my little boy, my final baby, who brings so much joy and yet so much frustration. As hard as some days are I really believe in the saying ‘the days are long but the years are short’. Before I know it my little Alfie will be starting school, moaning about homework and playing out with his friends. So for now I am clinging on to these toddler years. Treasuring those moments he rests his tired head on my shoulder and storing all these little Alfie milestones because I do know that one day in the future I will miss these days. No matter how hard they seem now.

21 months toddler years

Life with a toddler 21 months


14 thoughts on “Life with a toddler – Alfie at 21 months.

  1. Ah look at your little man! They do grow up so fast don’t they? I remember my third one picking up language really quickly – he was my slowest to walk though! xx

  2. This is so lovely, both the words and the pictures. And I just love his special name for Buzz Lightyear, so cute! x #LivingArrows

  3. He sounds like the perfect little boy – and he is at the best age right now. Learning, exploring – and everything is an adventure. Beautiful post x

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