Treetops nets in the rain

Can you go to Treetops Nets in the rain?

We are always looking for new outdoor activities. As a family we love adventures, trying new things and being outside whatever the weather. So when we got an invite to visit Treetop Manchester on a day when the weather was particularly bad I was keen to find out can you go to Treetops Nets in the rain and still have a good time?

What is Treetops Nets?

Treetops Nets is an area within Treetops Trek. Treetops Trek is an amazing aerial adventure where you can balance and zip wire through the trees. It is full of trampolines, tunnels, walkways and slides all made from nets and suspended 40 ft off the ground weaving throughout the trees. There are three different sites in the UK, Manchester, The Lake District and Yorkshire. We were lucky enough to visit the Manchester site.

Things to do in the North West

Treetop Nets Manchester - Things to do in the North West

Things to do in the North West

Treetops Nets in the rain.

Can you visit treetops nets in the rain, the heavy rain? The answer is of course you can yes. As long as you dress accordingly for the rain it is fine. Children don’t care about getting wet it is just us grown ups! The good thing about visiting Treetops Nets in the rain is that it was empty. We had pretty much the whole place themselves. They ran round the nets, bouncing on the trampolines, coming down the fast slides in their sacks giggling and squealing with delight. It is surrounded by 3 foot of netted wall making it completely safe. I didn’t need to worry about them falling and they didn’t even require any harness or safety equipment.

Treetop Nets Manchester


You are allocated a hour slot to play and run around. I actually thought this would be enough however my girls would have happily stayed for longer even in the rain!

The only negative there was for us is that my little boy is only 2 so he is too young to go on. The minimum age is 3. This is such a shame as he would of loved it. However they do offer toddler sessions during term time throughout the week. There is a huge play park situated right next to Treetops Nets so little ones can play there.

Despite the rain we had a great time. Treetops is in Heaton Park so you can spend a full day there.  Playing on the nets and the zipwires. Followed by a play in the park rounded up by some tea and cake in the nearby garden centre. You do have to pay for parking, it is very reasonable and you can pay by card.

The rain at Treetops Nets certainly didn’t dampen our spirits.

things to do in the north west


We visited Treetops Manchester free of charge in exchange for a honest review.

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  1. This looks brilliant, my two would love it too. Great idea going on a day when everyone else is inside, those are my favourite sorts of days when the children have all the play equipment to themselves and the freedom to run around as they want to.

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