Children’s waterproof clothing

Children’s waterproof clothing

Children’s waterproof clothing is a must in Winter, especially for Alfie. Last year we were sent some Muddy Puddles coats to keep my girls warm and dry. We absolutely loved them and plan to get them out again this Winter. If you follow our adventures, you will know that we are out and about whatever the weather and the only way we can do this is if we layer up in warm waterproof clothing. We all get a little cabin fever when we stay indoors. Now we have a toddler we need to get out and about more than ever before to burn off his endless amounts of energy.

The Muddy Puddles Waterproof Explorer Parka Jacket.

We have been asked if we wanted to collaborate with Muddy Puddles again, the answer was a very firm yes!!! We loved the Explorer Parka Jackets that our girls have. They have kept them so warm and dry, the colour has stayed so vibrant and they are such good quality. We always get compliments whenever they wear them. I therefore knew the Explorer Parka would also be perfect for my adventurous little boy. It also is a perfect waterproof coat for school.

This year’s Parka is very similar to last years except it has a fur lined hood. I actually think this makes it look even more cosy!

Whilst I love the red colour my girls have I thought for Alfie I would get the green. I generally naturally choose blue, but he wears lots of blue and I knew the green would be seen better from a distance.

When I received the girls jackets I remember the sizing being quite big. For this reason I went for the size smaller than Alfie’s age. I did this with the girls and the sizes still fit now a year later.

Children's waterproof clothing Children's waterproof clothing Warm Children's waterproof clothing

It was no surprise that I love it. Alfie is a little bit of a wild one and as he was wearing it yesterday he was climbing through trees and bushes, getting caught on branches left, right and center. It was the perfect test for this coat and it didn’t fail. Not one tear, not even a pull. It also kept him warm with it’s insulation and sherpa lining.

Being waterproof is also another great feature as Alfie, like many kids, really doesn’t care what the weather is like with the only solution being to compensate with clothing. He always wants to play and explore and there’s no stopping that!

The coat also has big pockets with a button fastening which are already full of stones and shells.

The Price of the Explorer Parka Jacket

I wanted to touch on the cost of the jacket. It retails at £70. I personally don’t think this is too expensive for a coat. I generally buy my children one coat a year which they wear every single day. If I am lucky I will get another year out of them. I remember a couple of years ago buying coats from a well known clothes brand for £40. They lasted less than year. I also had to return one because the lining had ripped. In the past I have shelled out £70 on coats in more Designer brands which, whilst very pretty and lasted, were not waterproof, resulting in many of our adventures being cut short.

These coats are excellent quality and I will no doubt continue to buy our outerwear from this brand.

For Children’s Waterproof clothing and keeping my gang warm, Muddy Puddles get a big thumbs up from us.

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  1. Nothing more important than staying warm and dry during this season. Well, going outdoors and having fun is just as important. Oh, and looking good doesn’t hurt. They girls look great in their Muddy Puddles.

  2. Keeping my kids warm are so important to me and I think this is the perfect brand of coat to buy for them.

  3. Comfort is everything for the little ones. We like to make sure the kids are nice and snugged during the winter months

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