Alfie starts school

Alfie starts school

This week we hit a milestone and I knew I had to document this very special occasion.

On Monday 6th September, dressed in his new uniform and brand new sparkling shoes off went the baby of our family to join his Sisters in ‘big school’. With my eldest being in year 6 it will be the first and last year that all my children will be in the same school. It seems like only yesterday when my Meme started reception, followed by my Harri a couple of years later. The years are going by so fast I could cry.

Unlike his Sisters Alfie went to the preschool last year and so was already familiar with the school, he also had his best friend Bodhi there who is also in his new class. I knew my little boy would be fine. Although as you can imagine it didn’t stop me from having a little cry on Monday, impatiently waiting for 3.15pm.

He had the best day. It was the next step that he was more than ready for, and as for me, it marks the end of era. No more children at home with me.

Fly high my beautiful boy.


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