What I have learned from the first school term

What I have learned from the first school term

We are approaching the first half term of the school year and I can honestly say that it couldn’t have come fast enough. I always find the first term hard, especially when it’s their first time at school. I remember vividly when Meme started school a couple of years ago, breathing a sigh of relief when reaching the same point.

Here is what I have learned from Harri’s first term at school

I need to have a good supply of school uniforms

This girl will come home from school covered in mud and food. There is no getting a couple of wears out of her uniform (like Meme does). She will need a clean one every single day! She has also stained 2 school tops and lost a school jumper, who knows what we will be left with by the end of the year. Edited to add, my Alfie is now in school and he is even worse!

Don’t spend a fortune on fancy school shoes.

Unlike her sister who keeps them in great condition all year around, we are 6 weeks in and hers are looking pretty destroyed already. I will be amazed if they are still wearable by Christmas.

Get ready for the parties

Don’t underestimate the amount of party invites she will receive. Seriously, I think I must have blocked it out since Meme was in reception but the amount of parties she gets invited to is mind blowing. Prepare yourself and stock up on presents!

Don’t forget to label.

Label everything – no explanation needed, I should know better!

Let them find their own way.

This is a hard one for me. I remember after Meme finished reception saying the same thing. I need to worry less and let them find their own way. Easier said than done, I was full on in the first couple of weeks, asking who she was playing with, had she made friends etc. It is too much, I was stressing us all out and generally just making the situation worse. I now leave her to it. If she wants to talk about school she can but there is no pressure.

Have you learned anything from the first school term?

7 thoughts on “What I have learned from the first school term

  1. Lots of sound advice, especially about letting her make her own way. I do ask mine what she’s been up to at school but we make it part of conversation over dinner rather than grilling her, I wasn’t getting much out of her when I was doing that!

  2. I think Holly will be like this when she goes next year. Alice and Meme sound very similar and I get a couple of days out of her uniform and only buy new shoes because her feet have grown! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. Stocking up on uniforms is one I remember from last year – I thought I’d get a couple of wears out of them and then Jessica would come home with baked bean juice all over her uniform. She’s a bit better in year one though! I’ve also learned that she will tell me about her day when she wants to and not when I ask! #sharingthebloglove

  4. I’ve been quite surprised at how clean Toby has managed to keep his uniform! Everyone told me to get loads because he’d get filthy but we usually get at least a couple of days out of trousers and jumpers. He’s not been invited to any parties yet either but I know he’s in quite a ‘young’ class with a lot of summer birthdays so I’m sure they’ll come. And that’s good advice for letting them find their own way – I’ve found Toby actually tells me more if I hold off on the questions a bit. We’ve still got another two days to go before half term but he is definitely ready for it – he’s exhausted! #SharingTheBlogLove

  5. Lots of great advice…I managed to delay my twins starting school by moving country!! (Sweden) and I have them home by lunchtime again 🙂 I’m also lucky with no uniform or shoe regulations….I can send them into school with the toughest stuff out there!! But yes, labelling is a must, unlike their sister, they lose everything!

  6. Sounds like you have a rough and tumble kind of girl! My eldest has just started school and I’ve learnt that he never tells me anything at all about his school day #Sharingthebloglove

  7. After doing every single little thing for them for the first 1-4 years of their life, it is absolutely impossible to let go and allow them to pave their way, without feeling extremely anxious, scared, etc. But you’ve got this, and you’ve done it once before. All the best! #thelistlinky

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