Adventures to Thailand

Adventures to Thailand

If you are a regular reader of my blog or follow me on Instagram you will know that we love adventures. All adventures near or far. We are lucky enough to go on adventures quite a lot and we definitely try to visit new places every few months.

However, there are those big adventures that we dream about, foreign far away countries which as a family we one day hope to visit. One of these places is Thailand.

Me and my husband had so many plans to travel around the world and see as much of it as we could however our family started a little sooner than planned. We thought that we would have to rethink some holiday destinations as we thought maybe a holiday to places like Thailand would be out of the question. I worried that it was too far and the climate too hot for children. However, the more I look into holidaying in Thailand the more I realise that it can actually be a wonderful place to visit as a family with so much to do for children.

The beaches look absolutely amazing, like paradise. I can imagine my girls running free on those stunning beaches and having lots of fun experiencing the many water sports on offer. It is a country full of culture, so many temples and palaces to explore which I think would be so educational for my girls (and me!). I have also found that there are so many amusement parks, water parks and zoos to visit that seem perfect for children to visit.

To top it off, Thai food looks delicious. As a Mummy of fussy eaters, food issues are always a little worry for me when travelling. However, I think it actually would do the girls good trying different cuisines and, of course, there seems like plenty of western food to fall back to if all else fails. have some great holidays to Thailand available, so all that is left now is to starts saving those pennies.

Have you ever been to Thailand?


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9 thoughts on “Adventures to Thailand

  1. I’ve never been to Thailand or anywhere over in that direction to be honest. Like you I’d assume that they might not be that kid friendly but I have one (very lucky) friend who always goes to exotic places with her kids and they discover amazing places and have a wonderful time. I just need to be braver! Mich x

  2. I’ve never been to Thailand before and it’s not somewhere that I have considered with a family. I guess everywhere in the world is child free, after all they have children over there. x

  3. I’ve been to Thailand twice, although never with the little one, but I can assure you it’s a great destination for kids. Bangkok can be a little bit too busy for them but an island like Phuket would be perfect. There is a lazy way of life, fantastic restaurants, beautiful beaches and the hotels are fabulous. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in taking Dex apart from the fear of the super long flight!

  4. No we haven’t been to Thailand but it’s a place I’d love to go someday. Any travel show that features Thailand always has my full interest. I’d say the food would be really amazing – different for sure. But sometimes kids will surprise you when they are somewhere new!

  5. I am never brave enough to venture that way in the world. I always have visions of being food poisoned or something like that. With kids it is so hard but I think I need to step out of my comfort zone and explore the world more!

  6. Ive not been but its totally on my bucket list. Thai food is one of my favourites! But I think we will probably have to put off visiting with the boys until they are a lot older as Monkey is allergic to sesame so we would need to try and get that under control first. Sounds glorious though x

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