Downton Abbey Redesign – which one would you choose?

Downton Abbey Redesign – which one would you choose?

Who doesn’t love Downton Abbey?  It was always the perfect way to spend a Sunday evening. The characters, the storylines, the fashion and of course the decor. Who wouldn’t want a little mooch around the beautiful stately home. It is so grand and stylish I would love to give it a visit. Do you think is the the perfect home for you or would you completely redesign the place? The most well known room is perhaps the library. Can you imagine curling up on the famous red couches and picking a book from the shelves.  Or maybe enjoying some afternoon tea with friends gathered around the coffee table? Or is it simply not your style. If not, what would you change?

Downton Abbey Redesign with Age Co

The clever people at Age Co thought about how they would recreate the library room to suit different celebrities including family favourites like Mary Berry, Jo Wicks, Ruth Langsford, Grahame Norton and Gloria Hunniford. With each celebrity having their own individual style it is really interesting to see what changes that Age Co come up with.

Personally I love all of the rooms that age concern have redesigned. However I do find myself being drawn to Ruth Langsford’s room. The feminine soft blush colours are beautiful. I love the splashes of green in the cushions and I think the large framed print really finishes it off.  Graham Norton’s room also really caught my eye. It is bold, sleek and really gives off a cool chilled vibe. A lot like Graham Norton himself!

My own Downton Abbey redesign

Seeing what Age Co created definitely inspired me to think about what changes I would make. My style is definitely more colourful and vibrant than that of the celebrity rooms. I want the room to stand out and wow people with it’s colours and funky vibe. I love to read and I love having my books on show. With this in mind I would keep the shelves full of book but maybe have them in a bright canary yellow or hot pink shelving case to really showcase them. I would choose a bold print for the wallpaper – similar to a leaf print that I have in my  kitchen. I think I would go for a vibrant coloured couch with lots of room to get really comfortable on.

I would have quite a minimalist fire place with a large modern mirror placed above it. I would also decorate the walls with some cool words and prints. I love the idea of clashing colours. I am a Mum of three young children so I would love the room to be a fun exciting place where we can read or play family games all together.

So as you can probably imagine, whilst is would still very much be a library, my designs would be very different from that of the Downton Abbey Stately home.

What celebrity Downton Abbey redesign do you prefer? Would you keep yours the same as Downton Abbey or would it be like mine, completely different?


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