How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

Reading a good magazine or book might be the best way to wind down from the daily routine. Although a bed or couch may offer an ideal location for this purpose, having a comfortable space in your house – a reading nook – is vital because it enhances your reading.


Creating the perfect reading nook is easier than most people think, and it doesn’t consume plenty of space. Nooks are also great for writing, listening to music, drawing, catching up on emails, meditating, and catching up with family and friends.

Whether you live in a 500-square foot apartment or house, here is how you can design an ideal reading nook.

Embrace Simplicity

You need to have limited distracting items in this room to concentrate on your reading. Thus, consider adhering to a minimal decoration; the simpler the better.

Light up Space

Having ample light in a reading nook is crucial whether you prefer reading during the day or night. Pick a light that gives a perfect balance between your lighting requirements and comfort. As a daytime reader, nothing surpasses the magnificent daylight. If you love reading at night, a simple, adjustable lamp works flawlessly.

Add a Pop of Colour

Use furniture and other décor accents to brighten up the reading room walls. Add colourful rugs, chairs, end tables, pillows, or blankets in the reading nook.

Decide on the Seating to Use

Do you want a huge fluffy seat that consumes the entire space or a chair you can curl up in? Do you need a beanbag or a multipurpose woven bench? In any case, consider the available space.


If you have a spacious room, get a chaise lounge to enjoy its luxurious feel. On the other hand, floor pillows and hanging chairs are ideal for a tiny space.

Make the Space Comfortable

The valuable thing about a reading nook is its comfort. It needs to entice and encourage you to spend a lot of time in the room as you read your favourite books. So, think of the textures and softness that thrill you.

How Having a Perfect Reading Nook Affects a House Sale

According to most real estate agents, home staging entails preparing a property for sale. Its objective is to impress buyers, exhibit the property’s best assets, and sell it fast for the highest possible offer. You might have the edge over your competitors if you add value to your house by having a reading nook in place. Companies such as Spring offer a free home-valuation which can be really useful in managing expectations when it comes to receiving offers.


In a report published at the National Association of Realtors, staging a house increases its asking price by 1% to 5%. Still, the report states that 83% of buyers’ real estate agents say that home staging allows potential buyers to envision a house as their future property. As a result, the houses sell fast.


Here are the top reasons why buyers are looking for properties with reading nooks.

Encourages Children to Learn

Encouraging children to learn is easy when a house has a dedicated reading room. Most parents encounter a challenging time encouraging their children to learn, which is one of the main reasons buyers are searching for houses with this unique room. You, therefore, need to have a comfy and engaging reading nook if you are targeting this type of customer.

Develops Children’s Critical Thinking Skills

With a reading nook in place, old children can develop critical thinking skills by reading the right fictional and nonfiction books from the area. Parents can even engage them by helping them read, which acts as a perfect bonding exercise.

Enhances Early Literacy Skills in Children

Parents who want their kids to develop an interest in reading novels often need to have a reading nook in their homes. When kids realise how fun and engaging it is to read a book from a nook, they eventually develop a habit of chilling out in the area with a book.


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