Harri’s first day of school

Harri’s first day of school

After taking Meme to school for the last 2 years it was finally my little girls turn. Harri’s first day of school. She was excited, scared and nervous as was I. As I discovered last year when she started preschool experiencing these big milestones second time around does not make them any easier.

So off we all went – in typical manner the weather was heavy rain just the same as it was when Meme started school. I kind of guess this makes it a little easier as we are all dashing around – there was no big lingering goodbye as we were all just rushing to get out of the rain. I took her into her new classroom and there were children crying and one little boy trying to escape!! It was a little overwhelming but of course my little girl took it all in her stride.

It was long day and I was happy to pick her up at 3pm thankfully to big smiles. It has been a long week with all kinds of emotions and worries that is only natural – as I learnt when Meme started settling in takes time, adjusting to our new routine will take time, making new friends will take time….. but we will get there.

Meme and Harri starting school


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  1. Hi Natalie, Harri looks relaxed and happy in your photos. Just don’t mention how many years of schooling she has in front of her! Getting back into a new school routine is never easy, but once you are things do feel easier.


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