And so it starts…..
Meme’s first day

And so it starts…..

So it begins….starting school¬†– a whole new chapter begins.

Last night was a busy one with baths and early nights, school uniform ironed and hung up on the door ready, underwear and new socks placed next to the shiny new school shoes. Then early to bed for me. I think it was possibly the longest night ever. The heavy rain and stormy weather didn’t help. In the end I got up and pottered downstairs. I have nervous knots in my belly – I felt like I was starting school.

Meme has been so excited dancing around the house and singing ‘Im going to school’ it is hard not to get caught up in the excitement -and I am so excited for her but it definitely is tinged with sadness.

Apart from the winter weather the day went smoothly, she was so brave she strolled in confidently and didn’t look back. She has been waiting for this day for a long time. When she finished she was all smiles and she has gone to bed excited to return tomorrow.

However I have got home and feel so sad, I’m not sure if it because I’m going to miss not having her to myself each day, or because it’s a sign that my girls are getting older and time is just flying by, or maybe it’s simply because I have to do the school run every day haha. Whatever the reason I’m going to allow myself tonight and tonight only to have a little cry. Tomorrow I will wake up and embrace that my big girl has started this new chapter in her life.

Well done my Meme – I’m so proud of you. X

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