And then there were 2
A day with Miss Harri

And then there were 2

So we are now fully into the school routine, we are getting used to getting up and out early, waving Meme off at the school gates and we are getting used to just the two of us. Me and Harri.

It took a good few days to shake off the sadness of not having Meme with us every day. Harri loves her sister and we had such good fun together. We both definitely miss her.

I think because the school day is not that long it is easy to fall into the trap of doing nothing in the day and simple wait for Meme to finish school. However that is not the way we roll! Me and Harri have been busy busy with visits to the park, trips to soft play and going to the zoo. It’s been lovely – usually its Meme guiding Harri around the soft play but this time it was me! I usually despise soft play but it was great and it was nice to watch her giggle and have fun.

Meme was 2 years and 9 months when Harri was born, so she has those first two years just me and her, whilst apart from a handful of hours here and there Harri has never had me to herself she has always had to share me. I don’t think she would complain she has always had her sister as a companion whilst obviously Meme being my first born had no sibling to play with or copy – there are definitely good bits and bad bits to being the second born. However I feel it is now Harri’s turn to have Mummy to herself. I know in 2 years it will be her turn to start school and I also know how fast those 2 years will fly by – it actually freaks me out a little.

So here is to me and Harri and our adventures as a twosome.



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