Amelia Five


Oh Meme what an emotional month it has been for your Mummy, not only have I had to contend with you starting school but also you fifth birthday!

Five tomorrow and I just can’t believe it! Where has the time gone? It honestly seems like only yesterday when you were a tiny baby in my arms. I keep looking at you and you seem so grown up, it’s crazy!

Meme I am so proud of you, you are the loveliest little girl, sweet loving caring. You are a perfect big sister to Harri patient and kind. We were so worried when Harri was born, worried you would be upset worried you would feel pushed out. It was a big change to our family. We didn’t need to worry at all, you have shown love and excitement from the moment you met her. You take everything in your stride nothing really seems to phase you and I hope you stay like that forever. I am so lucky to be your mummy, I count my lucky stars every day.


Enjoy your special day my big girl. I love you.

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