Almost there….
Goodbye September

Almost there….

September has always been one of my favourite months, in fact September was the month that me and my husband planned to get married in (before we had our little surprise in the shape of meme) the sun always seems to shine in September, its a new season, new fashions come into the shops and of course Meme entered the world in September as did my lovely niece. It honestly has always seemed like a special month.

With Meme starting school I knew this September was always going to be a bit different. It has not been a great month. Meme has not settled in as easily as I had thought, as I had hoped.I am shocked as I really really thought she would love school, but it has been a tiring and emotional and long month for all of us. Meme has been grumpy and unsettled and I am missing my happy carefree little girl.

Finally we are at the end of September I have been longing for this month to end pretty much as soon as it began. A new month is about to start for us. I am hoping we will all settle into our new routines a bit more. I hope I hope I hope.

Hurry hurry October I have a lot riding on you.



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