The Ordinary Moments – Count down to the weekends.
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The Ordinary Moments – Count down to the weekends.

Like most families, we all look forward to the weekends but never as much as we do now.  The girls previously enjoyed their weekends as they knew Daddy was home but there was never that real desire or wish for the next weekend.  They had three days midweek with Mummy when they could wake when they wanted to, eat when they wanted to and there was little to no routine.  Our days were filled with play dates, trips to the park and lazy rainy afternoons playing – it was bliss!

I knew this was always all going to change when September arrived. Meme starting school has obviously introduced a strict routine into our lives. We are up early, dashing around making lunches, getting dressed, eating breakfast – our chilled out stress free mornings are long gone. The girls (and me!) do not know what has hit them.

Whilst this change has been a shock for us all, I am so pleased that the early years have been a stress free time of playing and spending time with my girls. I realise this is not the case for a lot of families and I am so thankful of our time together.

We all now count down the days to our precious weekends, two glorious days when the world is our oyster and we are definitely making the most of them!


4 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Count down to the weekends.

  1. The good old school run!! I’ve been doing it since 2013. It doesn’t get any less stressful but some mornings can be good and easy going! The key for a smooth school run morning is preparation! We love our weekend more now too. But it goes too quick.
    Those photos are gorgeous xxxx

  2. I can completely nod my head and agree with this post, we are currently going through the same thing. It has all hit us quite hard, while my little one enjoys school I must admit to mourning the loss of my carefree days. I can definitely see why people say enjoy these early years while you can. We definitely live for the weekends too. x

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