These boots are made for walking….
Beautiful boots

These boots are made for walking….

One of my passions growing up was fashion. Oh how I loved fashion, I would spend hours reading fashion magazines looking at the new trends, deciding what I would buy next.

I hate to admit it but I have lost my way a little since having kids – lack of time, lack of money and also just simple practicalities now seem to hold me back. I never used to think twice about wearing the highest heels and the most uncomfortable outfit as long as I looked good (shallow I know!). I can honestly say I now rarely get excited by outfits or shopping. I obviously still want to look and feel nice but I no longer love to go shopping for clothes or shoes and I have no idea what the latest trends are. When out shopping, instead of simply buying items I love, I always end up thinking – “is it worth the price?”, “is it practical?” and “will I get a lot of wear out of it?” – dull I know.

However, there are rare times when something catches my eye, items that make my heart flutter a little and take me back to my fashionista days.  I feel excited and giddy and practicality goes right out the window – these boots did just that! With a suede front they are not the most practical, maybe they are a little high to be running around after the girls, I’m not even sure they will go with all my outfits – however, I absolutely love them and they make me feel so happy!! Definitely a worthwhile buy.

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  1. I am exactly the same. I used to wear high heels and always looked good!! 😉 However since the twins came along I couldn’t even think about it. Lately I have made lots of effort and feel so much better again and have enjoyed shopping. New boots here too! 🙂 xx

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