A Summer of memories

A Summer of memories

I wanted this Summer to be special. It is the last summer before my Meme starts school. Our last summer – dramatic I know, but that’s a little bit how I feel. Of course she will finish school at the end of July every year and have 6 weeks off with me and Harri – but it just isn’t the same as having her all summer, starting with the hazy May days, having her with us for Harri’s June sunny birthday, having mid-week breaks in July before all the schools let out.

It will be so strange not having her with me. She has been with me almost every day for almost 5 years.

So anyway before I start tearing up … I wanted to make sure we had a fun summer, and apart from this week when Harri has caught the chicken pox ( which is due a whole post of its own!) we have definitely achieved it. We have had a perfect 2 week holiday in Spain with all our family, we have spent days at the beach, parks, shopping for uniform and new toys obviously, we went to Chester Zoo, Brimstage Maize Maze, Ness Gardens, soft play.

The list is endless. and although a lot of money has been spent (eek!) a lot of memories have been made which of course is priceless.

I feel so lucky.

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