My Football Memories

My Football Memories

One of my favourite childhood memories is attending football matches with my Dad. Coming from a big Everton family my Dad used to go to the game as often as he could. As I got older I wanted to got too. My Dad would look at the fixtures in the Liverpool Echo newspaper to see what games that we could go to. It was the early 90’s and no internet!

There is nothing quite like the buzz of a game. As soon as you enter the stadium the crowd is electric. Everyone is singing and chanting and it is like one big happy family, until you are losing that is!

Then after the game was finished we would go home, celebrate or lick our wounds depending on the score. The afternoon would then be spent listening to the radio to find out the results from all the other football teams. I would be allowed to stay up late to watch the goals on Match of the Day on BBC One.

As I got older my passion in the game grew and along with my Dad and Sister I bought myself a Everton Football Club Season ticket. Football was apart of my weekly routine. If I wasn’t going to a game, I was watching it or getting my football news fix from 888Fixtures. Finding out what players were scoring, what teams were winning. I loved it all. I saved my money to buy tickets for aways games and when in 2009 when Everton made it to Wembley for the FA Cup Semi Final v Manchester United and then to the final against Chelsea I was there. Cheering on my mighty blues.

I never thought my football days would come to an end.

It wasn’t until I fell pregnant and suffered with morning sickness that I stopped going. Without realising that I wouldn’t return. We all know when we have children there is a lot less time and money available for luxuries like football, well for me anyway. The thing about a football match is that you forget just how amazing they are when you stop going. I know that all it will take to remember my passion for the game is to feel that amazing atmosphere and passion at Goodison Park again.

My eldest child really loves to play football. I really hope to take her to a Everton game one day. Experiencing the buzz of a football arena for herself. I really hope one of my children follow in my footsteps and have a real love for the game. It hopefully can be something that maybe we can enjoy as a family. However until the day comes that I have the time and the money to start seeing my beloved blues play again in my home town. I will continue to watch the games. I will keep myself updated on football news thanks to 888Fixtures Sport and finally I will resume to cheering on my favourite team.


Are you football mad?

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