How to have a Self Care Night

How to have a Self Care Night

When you lead a busy life (like most people do) self care is rare, there is always someone or something that comes first. Children, husbands, elderly parents, work, house work. The lists goes on. However the older I get the more I realise that my mental health is as important as my physical health and self care needs to be a priority. As the saying goes ‘ You can’t pour from an empty cup’. Self care is a necessity.

I would recommend scheduling at least a day each week to indulge in some real you time. However as a Mummy of three myself I know this is not always possible so even an evening each month or 30 minutes at the end of the evening for a little self care is better than nothing. Below are some of my tips to have a self care night or day.


I used to read on a regular basis but now life can be so full on it can be hard to find time to read however I have always enjoyed reading books. After a long day I find I need this escapism more than ever. so I try to make an effort to pick up a book a little more, It helps. Even just 30 minutes here and there with my favorite book is a great way to unwind and forget about the real world for a little bit. So buy yourself a good book, find a quiet corner, make a cup of tea and switch off.

Have a good cry

As a Mum we sometimes feel that we have to hold it all together. Making sure everyone is ok and staying positive is exhausting. I have found myself needing a good cry somedays and when I do I feel so much better for it. Letting the stresses and emotions out. I allow myself to feel sad about it all for a little bit. It seems to be such doom and gloom in the news right now. It is ok to be upset about it. So let it out, have a little sob. I guarantee you will feel better for it.

Treat yourself.

Money is tight for most people right now, but this doesn’t have to be an expensive treat. It can be a bunch of flowers to cheer up your room. A delicious dinner. A bottle of wine or even a chocolate bar. Sometimes it is just small ways that make everything seem a little brighter.


You might remember the BT advert from the 90’s when Bob Hoskins said the now famous slogan ‘It’s Good To Talk’ well he was right, it is. There is nothing better than a catch up with a good friend. I think we can at times forget how wonderful this is. It is easy to think that you have no time and of course we are all busy. But honestly don’t underestimate the importance of connecting with people.

Watch a feel good favorite movie.

A easy watch rom com or even a favorite show can be the perfect way to indulge in a little self care.

Get Outdoors.

There is nothing like nature to help you feel a little better. Sometimes I go alone, sometimes as a family, either way it helps give me a little perspective after a tough day. It is something I try to force myself to do every single day as it makes a huge difference to my mood. I can confirm that I always feel better for going.

Indulge in a Bubble Bath

I rarely get bath as I am always rushing and a shower is so much quicker. However there is nothing better than a relaxing bath. Add some essential oils or a bath bomb put on some calm music, light your favorite candles on and just allowing yourself to switch off from daily life It can harder than you think at times as if you are like me I struggle to stop. It is wonderful especially during the Winter months when it is dark and cold and it is a great way to start your nighttime routine.

Have a Good Sleep.

Sleep is so so important for our mental health. Sleep deprivation really affects your mood. So now I always try to make sure that I get a good night’s sleep by making sure that a keep to a self-care night routine. I have a skincare routine each evening which includes cleansing my skin, toning and moisturising. I can’t begin to explain how wonderful I feel after this. It is one of the best ways to wind myself down after a stressful day.

I try to step away from social media, limit screen time and really focus on myself. Sometimes I listen to my favorite podcast. I also write a to-do list which helps me feel more organised and mental clarity for the upcoming day. I try to switch my caffeine for herbal tea. This self-care routine really helps me wind down and prepare for next morning.

I can assure you that when you have a good bedtime routine the next day you will feel so much more refreshed. The first thing I do when I wake up is take some deep breaths, look at my to-do list which I put together the night before, do some stretches and then have morning skin care routine. This daily routine really helps me feel calmer and more in control. I feel like I can tackle the day in a more positive mind frame and deal with issues more effectively.

Do you have a self care routine?

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  1. This is so important. Over the 8 weeks, I’ve built up a small list of things that provide self-care and it will be different for each of us. I’ve really enjoyed taking a step back and doing a puzzle for half an hour, on my own. I would never have otherwise given it a go!

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