Getting your children to sleep with blackout curtains

Getting your children to sleep with blackout curtains

One of the hardest things to deal with when you become a parent is getting your children to sleep and of course stopping them from waking up at the crack of dawn. It is a lot harder than you would think. In fact even now with my eldest being 11 we still struggle with getting her to sleep sometimes.

In the past we have tried everything. No screens before bed, bath and story routine, not sugar after a certain time. I think collectively they have all helped with the helping my children to settle at bedtime.

However I think one of the methods that has really helped is installing black out curtains. Some nights you could see the results instantly. My children find it so hard to sleep when it is light outside which can be a real issue in the Summer months. Trying to settle them can be impossible. The same goes in the morning. The tiniest bit of sunlight and they are awake straight away. It is exhausting, especially when they are waking when they are still tired. Resulting in grumpy and emotional children who are then prone to tantrums. And of course tired and impatient parents. It is a recipe for disaster and these days are always so long.

Introducing Direct Fabrics Blackout Curtains

Whilst my children have always had curtains in their rooms, they were not blackout curtains and so were not thick enough to keep out the light completely. After many recommendations from friends (and a lot or early morning wake up calls) we decided to buy some blackout curtains for their bedrooms. It was a game changer. They completely block out all of the light which is just what you need when trying to get little ones to sleep.

What is the difference between curtains that are lined or unlined?

It is worth noting that you can get different types of black out curtains, lined and unlined. Lined blackout curtains have a layer of insulation for that extra bit of warmth. My youngest child’s room is above the garage and we find this room a little colder than the rest of the house. This is one of the reasons that have lined curtains in his room to keep it as cosy and warm as possible for him. It really makes a difference in the Winter months.

Blackout curtains have made such a difference. Obviously they are not miracle workers. We still have the occasional early morning riser. Also as mentioned above my eldest daughter still has sleep issues. However we feel the blackout curtains really help settle the children, set the scene for bed time and helps my younger child realise that the darkness means that it is time to sleep.

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