The Benefits of School Trips for Children

The Benefits of School Trips for Children

We all have fond memories of the school trips that we went on as children. They were a chance for us to explore the world alongside our friends and have fun. They provide enriching learning opportunities in which children can apply what they have learned to the real world and deepen their understanding. For some children, they need a hands-on element which makes them perfect. 

We have teamed up with an independent girls’ school in Hertfordshire to share more on the benefits of school trips for children.

An Understanding of The World

The world is so much bigger than we know it to be. There are countries, and cities even, that live very differently to how we do. They hold differing political, societal, and religious beliefs. This exposure can be good for children as it helps them to be more open-minded and empathetic to others’ situations and ways of life. They can broaden their perspectives on things and challenge their outlook.

New Experiences

School trips give children the opportunity to experience new things and those that they perhaps wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Things like climbing mountains and seeing wild animals first-hand. All experiences that they can look back on when reminiscing about their childhood.

A Chance to Speak to Experts

School trips are intended to be educational and give children the opportunity to learn from the experts within the fields. They can ask them important questions and gain a more detailed understanding. 


While away from school, your child will have the responsibility of up holding their school reputation by being on their best behaviour. They will be walking around in their uniform which visually distinguishes them from other school students. This can teach them how to behave in public and develop key social skills.

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