PJ Masks Coloring in Sheet – Perfect for your little superhero’s.

PJ Masks Coloring in Sheet – Perfect for your little superhero’s.

My 5 year old boy is obsessed the animated series PJ Masks. If you are not familiar the series it is a superhero programme aimed at preschoolers. Follow the main characters Catboy, Owlette and Gekko as they fight the bad guys and save the world.

We have so many PJ Masks toys. They are such good quality and he will play with them for ages. It is lovely watching his little imagination grow. The last few months I have noticed that Alfie is starting to be a little more creative. He enjoys doing a jigsaw of his favourite superhero’s. For the first time he is enjoying coloring in pictures of his favorite characters from the pj masks collection. I really encourage colouring and drawing with all of my children.

It such an easy way to switch off from the day and I find when we sit and colour together then the children tend to take a little more. I can find out more information about their day, what they have learned in school. There have also been many occasions when my children have confided in me about any school issues during this time together. From a learning point of view it is such fun way to help with their fine motor skills. Help with identifying colours and is a perfect activity for kids of all ages.

Now we have a little night routine that before story time and bed time we wind down with some coloring fun.We print some pj mask coloring pages, relax and chat whilst colouring in. It is one of my favourite parts of the day and is a lovely way to spend some one on one time together.

Below are a few free printable pj masks templates below if you fancy getting creative with your little one.

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