Helping Your Child Develop their Fine Motor Skills

Helping Your Child Develop their Fine Motor Skills

There’s not much that we can do without our fine motor skills. They help us to move the smaller muscle tissues of the body (those that are typically in the hands, feet, and toes). We use them to do things like grip, hold and press and this all comes with practice. There are many activities that you can do to help your child with this as a childcare provider in Richmond shares.


Musical instruments give children the freedom to express themselves and their creativity. They are also great for helping young children develop their fine motor skills. To drum, they will need to pick up their drumsticks and grip them which offers good practice.  

Rice Race

This is a simple activity that you can both do together using a couple of bowls and uncooked rice. They will need to use their fingers to pick up each grain of rice and transfer from one bowl to another. All you’ll need to do is set up another station and you’re ready to race.


Collaging is a technique that involves reusing old paper scraps and pictures to create art. To do it, your child will need to tear paper using their gripping skills and stick them down by holding and pressing.


You can also use old paper scraps to create new, colourful sheets. You will just need to get your child to cut them up into long strips, line them up both vertically and horizontally and weave.

Shape Sorting

Post-it shape sorting boxes can also help. They will need to pick each up to analyse what they are and feed them through the right holes. As they do, they will become more aware of shape and develop maths knowledge.

Bath Time

Squeaky toys are a must for some parents when it comes to bath time. They help to keep little ones occupied and entertained while also helping them with their fine motor ability as squeezing is an example of another skill.

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