The Benefits of Reading for Children

The Benefits of Reading for Children

Reading is a skill that’s not only important for English, but your child’s entire journey throughout education. They will need it across their subjects to expand on their existing understanding and review information. It’s also beneficial for their overall development as 

it can help them to learn more about the world and explore new viewpoints that are different to their own. We have teamed up with a private girls’ school in London to share more of these benefits with you below.

Developing Empathy

You might be thinking, “how does being stuck behind a book help children with developing their emotional intelligence?”. Well, it helps by teaching them that it’s possible for others to think and feel differently. Books open children up to a range of perspectives which can help them to think about them carefully and put themselves in others’ shoes. 

It is Thrilling

Some have the misconception that reading is boring but that’s not the case when you find the right book. With so many genres and sub-categories of books to choose from, your child will be bound to find something that appeals to them and keeps them hooked. Unlike watching TV or a film, they require more time which can help them to truly understand the themes/plot and develop patience.

Improved Vocabulary

As they read, children come across new words and are able to build their vocabulary. They can improve on their speech and overall communication skills.

Keeps the Brain Active

Reading is good for the brain because it keeps it active. It strengthens its connections, improves memory and concentration. This can help to reduce cognitive decline in old age. In the short term, it can train the brain and improve academic performance.


There’s not a whole lot for children to work with when reading. They may have a few pictures, but other than that, they will have just words to set the scene and form their understanding of what’s going on. This can help to strengthen their imagination and creative thinking.

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  1. Thanks for explaining how reading for kids can help improve their communication and speech skills. My older sister wants to make sure her daughter is developing the necessary speech skills to help her through school. I’ll suggest that she purchase some books that she can read with my niece to help her improve those skills.

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