How to raise a respectful child

How to raise a respectful child

When it comes to raising children, parents tend to focus on making sure their young ones pick up vital morals and values. These are what create the foundation for a well-mannered and successful individual. At such a young age it can be difficult to get children to abide by the rules set for them. As exploring and being curious comes naturally to them. The good news is, it isn’t a difficult task teaching a child how to be respectful. Advised by an independent nursery on the Upper East Side, here is what you can do to teach your child the

Demonstrate the behaviour yourself

Children naturally look up to adults to understand the best ways to behave. If you are not showing them the respect you expect back. There is no way they will learn the correct way to behave. Begin by listening to them. Make it clear that you are interested in what they are saying. Hold eye contact and give them your full attention.

Teach them how to respond politely

One of the best ways to show care and respect is by having good manners. By this age, your child should already be saying please and thank you and understand the reasons as to why it is important to have manners. Remember to say please and thank you to your child to show it is something expected of a person no matter their age.

Be firm and set limits

Children tend to become disrespectful when there are no boundaries set. If they know they won’t get told off for their bad manners, they will continue to do it more. Which will only make it a habit that can be difficult to break. Show them that there are consequences to bad behaviour. This will ensure they are wary about how they respond and behave towards others which will surely lead to a respectful child.

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