Best Crossbody Bags for Every Style and Budget

Best Crossbody Bags for Every Style and Budget

Crossbody bags are suitable for almost any occasion. You can invest in a luxury crossbody bag for upscale events. You must know the best crossbody bag for every style and budget.

Best Crossbody Bags Across Different Styles and Budgets

We have highlighted some top crossbody bags that suit different styles. But, of course, you will always get one that suits you since they all cut across a varying degree of pocket-friendliness.

Madewell The Sydney Shoulder Bags

This bag is a classic for someone who wants a versatile bag. It can be worn as a crossbody bag, and you can reduce the straps to make it a shoulder bag. It is a good investment for someone looking for a classic handbag on a budget.

Time and Tru Norah Crossbody Bag

This bag is a good choice if you are looking for a nice crossbody bag on a low budget. It costs $10 in Walmart and is perfect if you are going for a chic look.

Balenciaga Neo Classic Mini Top Handle Bag

This bag by Balenciaga is one you can go for if luxury is your priority. The bag costs almost $2,000 on the company’s official website but is easily recognised as a statement piece. You can also convert it to a handbag if that is your style preference.

Marc Jacobs The Shutter Crossbody Bag

Marc Jacobs, The Shutter Crossbody Bag, is a quintessential crossbody bag. The unique design will elevate your outfit from casual to gorgeous in a heartbeat. You can rock this bag for any purpose. It is also within an affordable price range.

What to Look for in a Crossbody Bag

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Now that you know some top bags for different styles and budget ranges, you should still exercise patience before getting one. Don’t just buy the first bag that catches your attention. Instead, you need to ensure that the bag has what you desire. Here are some things to look out for when buying a crossbody bag.


Confirming the material’s quality is important. These bags are made with different materials, ranging from faux to genuine leather. The material is usually related to quality, durability, and style. Check available options for your desired purpose.


Crossbody bags derive their names from their positions on wearers’ bodies. Crossbody bags sling across a person’s body to rest by their hip. This position is why you must be conscious of your bag’s size. A crossbody bag must not be too big to start swinging wildly by your side as you move around.


Most crossbody bags have few pockets, which can determine how much enjoyment you get from your purse. If you carry many small items and don’t like to rummage around your bag all the time, get a purse with plenty of pockets. Many crossbody bags come with a main pocket and several other pockets inside and outside.


You should dress in style within your budget. If you see a crossbody bag you like, confirm that the price is one you are ready to pay for such an item. If you cannot afford it, look for an affordable alternative, but don’t resort to buying a fake.

The Takeaway

There is always a crossbody bag for every style and budget. You only need to know what you want in a bag and choose the best option. Pay serious attention to the material, as it can determine how much use you get out of your bag.

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