Top tips for helping your child learn a new language

Top tips for helping your child learn a new language

The world we live in has become heavily globalised which means skills such as knowing a language or two have become valuable. There is also a lot of evidence that shows that younger children who are still in their early days of education are able to acquire better language skills with clearer pronunciation, accent and a stronger set of vocabulary. So, what can you do to support your child? Here are some top tips on helping them pick up a new language.

Speak to them regularly if you are already fluent in the chosen language.

This will help them become comfortable trying to practice new words, phrases and accents. Having you there to guide them will make them feel at ease as you will have the facilities and knowledge to set a good foundation in the comfort of your own home.

Study together.

One of the best ways to encourage your child to pick up anything new is to do the activity with them. This works really well when it comes to learning a new language. Study together and show them that no matter how difficult it can feel, it isn’t something that they can’t overcome. Help them strengthen their skills whilst doing a bonding together.

Watch different tv shows, movies and YouTube videos together.

Finding entertaining ways for your child to pick up the language is a fantastic way of keeping them engaged and motivated to learn. Allow them to watch their favourite film dubbed in the chosen language. Listening to songs in different languages is also a very easy way to pick up new words and phrases.

Look within your own community.

There are always plenty of friends and family around who can support your child and help them with this new journey. Don’t forget to let your child have fun with it as that is what it is all about!

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