Positive changes I’ve made in 2021.

Positive changes I’ve made in 2021.

Whilst January is my least favourite month, I do love the fresh start of a new year. A time to make resolutions or goals and try to make positive changes. Let’s face it they usually fall at the wayside a few months later, but I love that initial feeling of hope and good intentions.

I think 2021 is a little different. Everyone is still recovering from the fall out of 2020! Also starting the new year with another lockdown and more school closures, it is all about survival. Instead of setting out goals for myself I was making school timetables and worrying how I was going to manage with three children at home.

Now we are mid February I have found myself without even realising making a few positive changes to my day. I’ve made little tweaks to my routine which have made me feel so much better and helped with my self care during lockdown.

Bike Riding.

I have completely surprised myself on this one. As a self confessed city girl I never thought you would get me on a bike. My husband is a huge biker and loves it, as are my children. One of my friends has been going on lots of bike rides and suggested I come along. So I did, and loved it. During a time when being alone is pretty much non-existent it feels good to get out of the house. The freedom, the fresh air and the exercise makes me feel amazing. I don’t get out as much as I would like, generally just once a week and of course the weather makes it harder sometimes but I am loving it.

Skin Care routine.

Sounds really simple and something that most people have been doing for years. Whilst I have had skincare routines in the past I generally get a little lazy and end up with a quick clean using a wipe and a quick slab of whatever moisturiser cream is around.

I turn 40 this year and after that crazy year 2020 I feel and look older than ever. I got some Elemis skincare for Christmas and so have been determined to use it and take better care of my skin a little more.

So since December 25th every morning and every night I have cleansed, toned and moisturised my skin. I feel so much better for it. My skin feels refreshed and softer and just the routine of doing it feels amazing. It generally wakes me up every morning. I actually can’t understand why I have put it off for so long.

positive changes Elemis skincare

Re-discovering my love for cooking.

I have definitely lost my way with cooking the last 12 months. I feel like I make constant snacks and food for people all day every I have been lacking inspiration. I decided to sign up to Gousto to see what it was all about. If you are not familiar with the service the idea is you can choose a variety of meals online and they send you the ingredients. There are so many vouchers online that allows you to get 50% discount off your first box (I have a 50% voucher code if you need one). It was amazing. Fresh ingredients and recipes delivered straight to your door. Saving me having to think of what to cooks and go shopping for the ingredients. It has definitely helped me created beautiful dishes and ignited my passion for food.

Whilst I wont use it every week I will be referring to the recipe cards and remaking some of the dishes.

Accept what it is.

We are in the midst of a pandemic. We have spent 2020 in a ball of worry and anxiety. Like most I have worried about family member getting sick, the kids being stuck at home, lack of earnings. It is exhausting. This year I have come to realise it is what it is. I can’t change anything.

Now I read the news less, I found this was definitely a contributing factor to my anxiety. At the moment there is little routine at home. The kids are going to bed later and having far too much screen time. I know this can’t continue but for now whilst we are at home 24 7 it is is fine. Whilst they may be a little behind in their studies I remind myself we are all doing our best. Rather than shout and scream that they should be finishing work, when I see that they’ve had enough, we step away. We go for a walk or we watch a film together. I am more relaxed about it all. Life is different at the moment and I think rather than stress about it I am embracing it as best as I can.

Subconsciously I have made these changes and I feel so better for them. Some days are still really tough and at time I question will this craziness ever end, but I am feeling so much more positive.

Have you made any positive changes in 2021?


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