Special moments with Flying Flowers

Special moments with Flying Flowers

Flying Flowers

I remember sitting at my desk working away when the office door opened and in walked a delivery man with the biggest most beautiful bunch of flowers – it was from my boyfriend (now husband) to celebrate our first year anniversary (I knew then he was a keeper).

I remember laying in the hospital feeling battered and bruised after giving birth to my 3rd child, in pain and missing my family. Then seeing my 2 lovely girls walk in with a bunch of flowers to make me smile.

I will also never forget a couple of days after suffering a miscarriage coming home to a beautiful bunch of flowers from my sisters and feeling touched by their gesture.

So many special memories and moments that I will never forget. There is nothing quite like receiving a bunch of flowers. To celebrate a birthday or anniversary, to commiserate a loss or just simply to just bring a smile. For me, flowers say it all, without actually saying anything.

It is the colour that they bring, they can brighten up a room, the beautiful scent and maybe, more importantly, the fact that someone out there is thinking of you, someone out there cares. Nothing cheers me up more than a bunch of beautiful flowers in a vase on my table.

Flying Flowers have recently published an infographic about popular gifts throughout the decades and it’s interesting to see flowers were as popular back then as they are now. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t appreciate a bunch of flowers! How about you?

Flying Flowers


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10 thoughts on “Special moments with Flying Flowers

  1. This is lovely. I’m just as happy receiving a plant as flowers, but both are wonderful gifts. My husband doesn’t get it at all, in fact I have received flowers from friends and family quite recently but can’t remember the last time my husband bought me flowers!

  2. Oh I love this! I LOVE receiving flowers, it’s something I rarely get and when I do they genuinely brighten up my day. Maybe I should send this to my husband!

  3. There is nothing better than receiving fresh flowers whatever the occasion. They really do fit any occasion for any person and I wish that I received them more than I do! I tend to buy my own x

  4. I love it when I am given flowers. However, Peony is my fave flower and I don’t want to wait until I am a 100 years old to get them. I might have to treat myself to some before then 😉

  5. You can totally understand why flowers are a present that have lasted the decades. They don’t go out of fashion. And you can’t go wrong with a beautiful bunch of flowers. For our third wedding anniversary, I received a bouquet delivered to my office. It was a replica of all the flowers that had been in my wedding bouquet. Husband then won some serious brownie points. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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