Personalised Welly Print

Personalised Welly Print

One of my lovely friends has a beautiful personalised welly print in her home which I always admire when I visit. So when Created by Magic got in touch to see if I would like to design a personalised welly print for my family, I jumped at the chance. Created by Magic is a brand that I previously had never heard of but as soon as I visited their website I was blown away by how beautiful their personalised prints are.

How to create your personalised welly print

The website takes you through step by step to help you design your image. Starting with your family name and heading type required, there are 4 styles to choose from. All the designs are so pretty it makes it quite hard to choose. I finally went with the pink bunting.

Next up you get to choose from a wide variety of wellies for each member of your family, including any accessories that you may want to add. Harri wanted to add a wand and Meme wanted to add some bows. I love flowers so I added a bunch to my wellies. I actually loved this as it adds a little bit of your personality to the picture.

After choosing all the wellies for my lot I added their name and welly size. You can even add a little paw print and accessory if you have a dog (seriously how cute is that?)

The whole process was really easy, the only slight issue I did have is that you can’t view your picture before ordering it. I would have liked to have checked the finished product just to check that that the colours complimented each other.

My personalised welly print arrived a couple of days later and I loved it. It is just perfect for my adventure seeking, muddy puddle jumping, welly wearing family.

Do you like personalised prints?

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