Finding the positives
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Finding the positives

I have spent the last couple of months moaning and worrying about Meme and school. Whilst I am still not happy about the whole situation and we are still having a few little worries, I feel like I should draw out some positives of school life and how it has affected our life.

The obvious one – I am getting a lot of one to one time with Harri. I thought she would really miss her big sister and, although she does, I think she is really enjoying her Mummy time. We have got ourselves into a little routine of parks, farms and zoos in the morning then home for lunch, play and a chill out before we pick up Meme. It is nice not having to rush anywhere, she can take her time and all my attention is on her.

I also feel my girls are eating better – before Meme started school we used to have a lot of days out and we would rush home at 5pm and put something easy in the oven as the girls would be hungry and there would be no time to prepare anything. Now we come home after the school run and I have time to make some nice healthy home made food, which I am very happy about.

As mentioned in this post, we now value our weekends more than ever. We make sure the are filled with love and adventure. The fact that Meme looks forward to spending the weekend with us makes me so happy. Family is so important to me and I want to instil that in my girls.

And finally, even though Meme isn’t enjoying school as much as we had hoped, this is the next step for her. The time for her to learn and grow. To hopefully make life long friends. I know there will be plenty of drama and tears and fallouts but there will also be lots of happiness, achievements and joy. This is life, a new chapter for Meme and it makes me feel so excited for her.

All that said…. I am still on the countdown for half term!!

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  1. Ahh I hope you enjoy half term together. Time goes so fast and they really do grow up so fast too don’t they? Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again this week for another great round of #sharewithme

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