Missing books, new jumpers and feeling poorly #littleloves
My little loves

Missing books, new jumpers and feeling poorly #littleloves

Another week all done and dusted. I just can’t believe how fast the weeks are flying by…

Here are my #Littleloves


Again still no kindle so not much read. I am actually not sure what to do about a kindle, it was convenient having one, the ability to simply buy a book online and read it whenever was great. However, I must admit I do miss reading actual books, flicking through pages and the sense of achievement when I finished it. I also love the smell of books – is that crazy!?

I have read plenty of blogs though – I love reading blogs and have done for quite some time. However, I have never been one to leave comments – so I am now trying to make the effort to comment on posts I particularly like.


I finally got round to watching Gogglebox and I honestly could not stop laughing – it was so funny.

I don’t watch much TV – in fact we recently got rid of our Sky package as it was so expensive and I can’t I’ve missed it.


With the temperature dropping, this week I have been putting my big warm Parker on for the morning school run. I have been nice and snug.

I met my best friend for breakfast and wore my new jumper that I picked up from H&M – I wasn’t sure about it at first as it’s quite short but I love it now.

Yellow Jumper


After writing this post last week, I finally got back to the gym.  I have therefore dusted off my gym playlist which I love. It is full of upbeat old school like Destiny’s Child and J Lo, taking me right back to my University days!


This week I have made some butternut squash and chilli soup, which was delicious and just what we needed after a cold morning in the park.

And lastly

We have all started to feel a bit under the weather this week, the girls have got temperatures and I’m full of cold.  January is usually our sick month so this is very early for us! A lazy weekend is just what we need I think.



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