The Ordinary Moments – Our Weekends
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The Ordinary Moments – Our Weekends

Our weekends have always been quite busy, we have tended to fill them with trips out and mini adventures. However, with Meme starting school in September we have realised we need to try and slow down at the weekends to give us all time to relax and recuperate.

Saturdays are still quite busy with ballet in the morning and a day out somewhere in the afternoon, coming home late with tired, happy and usually grubby children.  Our first day of the weekend is usually filled with lots of excitement, fun and fresh air.

We now take Sunday at a slower pace, we have lazy mornings with snuggles and drinks in bed, there is no rush to get dressed and the girls have a good play together whilst I do any little chores that need doing – it is bliss (apart from the chores!). In the afternoon, we go out for more fresh air and a run round – we only stay local, nothing too strenuous. We usually end the walk with tea and cake in a café which I think the girls enjoy the best.

Although I love the summer there is no better feeling than having a winter walk and stopping at a café to get a warm. Our Sunday ends with bathing the girls then eating dinner whilst watching a film.

It is the perfect medicine to help us recover from the previous week and, of course, prepare us for the week ahead. Xx

11 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Our Weekends

  1. Sounds lovely – I too have noticed that weekends can’t be as busy as before because the kids just seem wrecked. This weekend I have been ill and so we said were having a dvd day, and oh my they were sooooo excited to not get dressed til early afternoon and relax in duvets watching Netflix and playing with toys!

    We too do Ballet on a Saturday morning and I love your idea of a little afternoon walk and cafe..hmmm I think this could be a new tradition to do on a Saturday at this time of year 🙂 x #OrdinaryMoments x

  2. Oh that does sound like a blissful way to spend a weekend, and oddly enough quite similar to how we just spent ours, especially the Sunday night supper with a film, the perfect way to round off our days together 🙂

  3. I love the sound of a walk followed by tea in a cafe, what a lovely routine to have 🙂 #ordinarymoments

  4. I absolutely love a snuggly weekend, they are my favourite, and we are exactly the same as you, since my big girl started school we have been trying to take it easier at the weekend and just relax a bit more. We love a lazy day on a Sunday. x

  5. You are so right there is nothing better than a cozy weekend together. I love a winter walk too and end it in a cafe. Sorry your link to Share With Me said error so I just choose another post to comment on to thank you for joining in and hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round of #sharewithme

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