Learning Through Play: Identifying and Understanding Money.

Learning Through Play: Identifying and Understanding Money.

I have always been a huge advocate of learning through play. Play is such a huge part of a child’s development. As a Mummy of three I can see the difference. If I ask my child to sit at a desk and learn they are less productive than when we play a learning game. Through the game whether it is role play or even a board game she is more engaged.They are eager to learn and more communicative.

Learning through play – The early years.

I have always tried to encourage learning from an early age. Little games like observing what colours we can see during a walk. Counting the steps as we walk up the stairs. Recognising shapes from road signs and looking for numbers on people’s doors.

As they got older we would learn through role play. This is one of my children’s favourite games. Homeschooling 3 children all different ages is difficult so I have been trying to think of little ways that they can all learn together at the same time.

Learning through play with role play – Our Family Tuck Shop.

This week much to my children’s excitement we have introduced a tuck shop.

I found the little wooden shop which was a Christmas gift for Harri many years ago. However you really don’t need one, the kitchen table would be just fine. Or if you are feeling creative you can make your own out of a cardboard box.

What my Children learned:

The girls were then in charge of stocking it with snacks, making a price list and dishing out some money from the copper jar. Already they are practising their handwriting skills, spelling, and counting.

Learning through play - identifying money

Alfie who is three enjoyed picking out which snack he wanted. The girls ensured that Alfie was given one pence pieces. He then was encouraged to count out the cost of the snack that he had chosen. He loved doing this and it was lovely to hear him counting so confidently.

learning through play - counting

learning through play

Harri (age 6) has been learning currency in school. It was good for her to identify the coins and work out what coins added together made the amount required for the snack that she had chosen. The game encouraged my 9 year old to add up the money and also work out how much change each person required.

We had designated snack times throughout the day. Each time the tuck shop would open and they would have to count and add up their money. If I ask my daughter to add and subtract numbers she moans that is too hard and she can’t do it. Provide her with  money and allow her to work out what she can buy with it and she can do it really easy. Learning through play is fun and doesn’t feel like learning at all.

We had so much fun with this and we plan to continue using our tuck shop throughout our homeschooling period.

Learning through play.