Easter Egg Hunt

How to plan the perfect Easter Egg hunt at home.

Easter is huge in our house. It’s not because we go anywhere grand or even buy anything special. The main reason my children love Easter is because we always have a visit from the Easter Bunny who leaves an Easter Egg hunt for us to do. We have been doing this as long as I can remember and it is so much fun and easy to do.

Here are some tips to create a easy and fun Easter egg hunt at home:

Leave a Letter and Clues.

The Easter Bunny always leaves my children a letter (which rhymes) along with some clues. This brings so much excitement and I always keen to encourage my children to read as much as possible.

One clue is left which leads to some eggs and another clue. They obviously get a little harder as the children get a little older. When we were younger I always remember our parent’s hiding eggs for us to find with out clues – it was just a mad frantic dash around the house which we loved but it also meant it was over in minutes. Leaving clues for them to figure out lengthens the hunt a little which is much more fun.

Have your Easter Egg Hunt Outdoors

I realise this is not always possible for everyone but if you do have a garden definitely use it. First of all it prevents any eggs being found before the hunt even starts. Also it is just a little more exciting getting outdoors before breakfast, throwing on their wellies and watching them run around the garden trying to figure the clues out.

Whatever the weather our Easter egg hunt is outside. I think we even had rain one year!

Make it Fair

The last thing you want on Easter Sunday is argument about who has the most eggs. My eldest is ten so she generally the fastest to find the eggs. I make sure that in every hiding space there is 3 or 6 smalls eggs. I make sure there are three different coloured eggs (their favourite if possible) for each child. It makes it fair and they automatically know which egg is for them.


I decorate for every occasion. Halloween, Valentines Day, Easter. Hang some bunting, make some bunny ears for them to wear, hang some sweets from the trees. I say this all the time but you don’t have to spend much money. I know I don’t but I do take a little time to make it special.

Easter egg bunny ears

Get Involved

Whilst it is tempting to leave them to it, it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement. They love us helping them during the Easter Egg hunt and seeing their excited faces it worth all the hassle of making clues and hiding eggs.

Have a surprise at the end of the trail.

We use little eggs throughout the trail and tend to have a surprise at the end of the Easter egg hunt. Mainly because they get so much chocolate from family we thought a little gift would be better. it is nothing extravagant at all and usually it is a book or some colouring in or  Easter crafts. It always gives them a little something to do on Easter morning.


I hope these Easter egg hunt tips are useful. It can take a little bit of time and effort but my Children enjoy it so much. Oh and if you are not sure what to do with all that chocolate, then try out our Easter egg bark recipe – it’s delicious!

Easter egg hunt carrier

Do you do an Easter egg hunt with your Children?

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