Ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Children

We look forward to February 14th, the day of love. There are so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with children as well as a couple. I often hear how commercialised Valentines Day is and how it is another way for companies to make money. Whilst yes I agree, but for us it is something for my children to look forward to. At the moment as we face more lockdowns and school closures, I am trying to keep life as positive as possible. We all desperately need something to look forward to and I know Valentines Day will really lift our spirits.


If you are looking for some ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Children here is what we will be doing this year:

Get Crafty

I always encourage my children doing lots of valentines crafts. Home made Valentines cards are so much fun to make. Crafts don’t have to be expensive. Craft shops like Baker Ross always have a wide variety of Valentines crafts or you purchase but you can use every day items to create fun valentines art. Make a wand with a straw and and cut out heart on the top. Make some cut out heart shaped bunting, use some paper plates to create heart wreaths. There are so many amazing ideas on Pinterest so definitely worth checking out.

celebrate valentine's day with children

Decorate your home

A great way to celebrate Valentines day as a family is to decorate your home. I generally do this the night before Valentine’s Day so the kids are surprised when they wake up. Not too much just a few heart shaped balloons and maybe the homemade bunting we made. Of course there will be some flowers potted around the house. It definitely gets us in the Valentines spirit.

Heart shaped sweets and chocolate

Who doesn’t love some Valentines confectionary. I generally buy some chocolate heart shaped lollipops. We have previously made some chocolate heart lollipops with moulds which we purchased from Hobby Crafts – this was lots of fun. Love hearts and heart jellies. There are so many little independents stores which you can buy home made valentine treats and hampers from to make the day a little bit special.

celebrate Valentine's day with kids

This year we plan to tweak our favourite Easter egg bark with some pink sweets and lots of sparkles as a Valentine’s day treat.

A special Valentine’s meal.

Generally me and my husband go for a valentine’s meal together. Valentine’s day 2021 is going to be a little different. Whilst I still plan to have a romantic meal just the two of us. I also hope to have a special family meal for the 5 of us. Nice food, fancy clothes, special drinks and dancing. Lockdown prevents us from dressing up and going out so we plan to do something special at home this year.

A Valentines treasure hunt.

Like most families we have a treasure hunt every Easter. It is the highlight of the year for my Children. This year February 14th falls on a Sunday which is the perfect day to organise a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt. Weather permitting it will be around the garden and there will be a little bit of treasure at the end. Nothing expensive maybe a little book to encourage some reading. Again just a little bit of fun to give us all a little something to look forward to.


I hope you found these ideas inspiring. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. You can get so many affordable Valentine’s products from discount stores or supermarkets. Sometimes it is even more fun to make your own, and the kids will love getting involved.

What are your plans this year? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with children?

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