Easter Egg Hunts, Denim Dresses and Feel Good Songs #Littleloves

Easter Egg Hunts, Denim Dresses and Feel Good Songs #Littleloves

Hello – how are you? It’s been a good few weeks since I last wrote a #littleloves post. It’s been a crazy few weeks here with Alfie having the chicken pox, busy weeks in work, lots of after school activities and lets not forget Easter.

I have been looking forward to the Easter holidays for everything to slow down a little but due to me still being in work and the girls going to tennis camp it has still been a little hectic!

Here are my #littleloves from the last couple of weeks:


I finally got to take the girls to go and see Peter Rabbit which we all loved! We also had a little family night of fun to celebrate the girls excellent reports from parent’s evening – we ordered Dominoes and watched Paddington Bear 2 – another great family film.

Me and my husband watched the film  ‘The Town’ directed and starring Ben Affleck which was really good!


I have finished reading Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. I was worried it wouldn’t live up to all its hype but it actually did. As soon as I finished it I wanted to start all over again.I need to find something new to read but it will be tough finding one as good at that.

Any suggestions please?


We are finally at the stage were I can listen to the radio in the car. No more princess songs or Disney cds, I realise this stage wont last for long because soon Alfie will be in charge but for now it’s bliss. I am completely loving George Ezra’s new (it’s probably not new, I am generally just late to the party!) song Paradise. It is such a feel good song, and make me smile when I hear it.


With the slightly warmer weather I have kicked of my boots and been wearing some trainers which has been lovely as my boots have pretty much been glued to my feet for far too long!

Addidas Gazelles
The boots are off….

I have also been wearing my coated leggings from Next (see picture below!). All my jeans are feeling a little snug (and all this Easter chocolate is not helping!) so I have been wearing these leggings a lot. I have them in black and burgundy and they are so comfortable.

I dressed the girls in some lovely denim dresses for the girls for Easter, nothing quite says Spring like a denim dresses.

Comfy leggings and Denim dresses


A Easter egg trail. My girls love Easter, as much as they love Christmas, which I find a little strange. So me and my husband were up late Saturday evening writing clues (seriously what has happened to us!). It was totally worth it though as they loved it.

Easter egg huntAnd Lastly

I have a couple of days off work next week to spend with my little ones and I can’t wait!! We have also lots of playdates planned which will be lovely. I am planning to make the most of the final week of the school holidays!


How has your week been?

8 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunts, Denim Dresses and Feel Good Songs #Littleloves

  1. We saw Peter Rabbit too this past week. Who didn’t for Easter ? Such a great movie. Love the denim dresses how gorgeous. Sounds like you had a lovely half term easter time together with family. Love those shoes too. I finished Eleanor and was worried about the ending too but it ended perfectly up to it’s expectations didn’t it? Happy weekend ahead. #littleloves

  2. Eleanor is next on my reading pile. I’ve heard such good things so I’m looking forward to it.
    I love the denim dresses. They look so cute.

  3. I finally finished Eleanor too and loved it! We loved Peter Rabbit, it was such a fun family movie. I’ve just started reading Friend Request and so far I’m gripped, might we worth a look for you x

  4. Aw everyone has seen Peter Rabbit except me. My son is nearly three and I just don’t think he’d sit through a whole film in the cinema yet – Peppa Pig’s cinema experience was stressful. But he loves the show and we bought him a DVD boxset for Easter.

  5. I took Parker to see Peter Rabbit too, I really enjoyed it! Thought James Corden was a great Peter. I have the same trainers in black, so comfortable. I wear mine pretty much all year round though! Enjoy your week xx

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