Why this year I am loving Spring

Why this year I am loving Spring

I never really been a fan of Spring, for me it doesn’t have the heat of Summer or the beauty of Autumn or even the excitement of Winter. It has always just been the season that brings me closer to Summer. I have just never really appreciated it.

However this year, I feel like I have been awakened by Spring and I have fell a little bit in love with it.

Spring marks the end of a long cold Winter.

I felt this year Winter lasted forever! Whilst I love December and the magic of Christmas I always really struggle with January and February, I find them really cold and dark months. When March arrived I really felt a lift in my mood. I felt lighter, brighter and more optimistic.

There are Daffodils, tulips and pink blossom is everywhere you look.

People’s Instagram feeds are full of them, there are just beautiful colours and scented flowers everywhere you look. I have always loved the prettiness of Autumn but now I have stopped and took a proper look around. This time of the year is as beautiful as the other seasons.

The days are longer.

We can go the park after school for a play, we can stay out late riding bikes and meeting friends. The weather is getting warmer so we can explore more, have picnics outside without having to wrap up in coats and scarfs. Waking up to lighter mornings is so welcome after the darkness of Winter. I honestly love it all.

Spring fashion is the best.

Jackets instead of coats, shoes instead of boots. Pretty pastels and bright whites. Last Spring I was pregnant so this year  I am so excited about the possibility of new clothes and experimenting with Spring fashion.

And of course Spring brings us Easter.

Now I  have children Easter is a big deal! The girls just love it and me and my husband fully embrace it with plenty of Easter egg hunts, treats and crafts. Not forgetting Easter brings us a 4 day weekend. Family time is so precious to us with Meme in school and my husband working long hours now so 4 days together is such a treat.

So there you have it, Spring, a new favourite of mine.

Are you a lover of Spring?

13 thoughts on “Why this year I am loving Spring

  1. Spring is definitely my favourite season because of the beautiful fields filled with rows of flowers in Holland. I love it. And the lighter nights. I love coming home in daylight! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime ?

  2. Definitely agree that Spring has lots going for it. Certainly the pops of colour that spring up with the flowers cheers me up. #ablogginggoodtime

  3. I can feel your positivity shining in this post and it is lovely!!! I am glad you are feeling better and enjoying the beauty Spring brings. We are in Autumn here and I am loving the leaves changing. But it is getting darker earlier and I miss the longer days of sunshine. This time of year brings Easter, and both my daughters birthdays so that is lovely. Sending love xx #mg

  4. I was exactly the same! I felt like I was just wishing away spring to get to summer, where as now Spring is probably my favourite season, closely followed by Autumn. The older I get the more I appreciate the beauty around me, where as in my younger years I was completely blinkered to it! #mg

  5. I’m the same! I love summer and spring has never offered me anything, except chocolate at Easter. But now I love the warmer days, but not too hot that I’m worrying about the girls burning. And I adore all the flowers this season has to offer. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  6. Spring and Autumn are my fave months. Which is odd because I don’t usually like change and both seasons signify the change in seasons don’t they? In temperature and in other ways. And they’re both full of gorgeous colours. You’re right with instagram too, such gorgous pictures everywhere! #mg

  7. I don’t feel like we’ve even had the start of Spring yet. It’s been so cold. I’m looking forward to the lighter nights though, not long now. Thanks for joining in at #TriumphantTales

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