Do you find laundry labels confusing?

Do you find laundry labels confusing?

I recently bought my Alfie the most lovely little romper. It was blue and white stripes and was actually quite expensive but I knew he would look so cute in it (which of course he did) and with him being my first boy it is still quite a novelty buying outfits from the ¬†blue side of the shop. However, after one wash it was too small, to my dismay it had shrunk in the wash. I was really cross but I actually wasn’t that surprised as this happens a lot in my house.

I will hold my hands up – I wash everything on the same setting, a 40 degree standard wash. Why do I do this? Truthfully, I have no idea what the majority of laundry labels mean. I find the triangles and circles and dots completely and utterly mind blowing – who comes up with these symbols? Surely they are meant to make life easier and make everything universal, is that not the point of them?

I thought maybe I was just a little clueless until I found out that, according to a survey conducted by data label for Laundry and Cleaning News, a whopping 56% of people find laundry labels confusing and, like me, are ruining clothes or even are just leaving them in wardrobes with no idea how to clean them.

To help us understand a little more they have created some graphics outlining the basic clothing symbols. How amazing it that? For a bit of fun I actually tested myself on the washing symbols and I only knew what the symbol for hand wash was! Have a look and test yourself!

clothes symbols

I plan to print this off and keep right next to my washing machine before any more clothes are ruined! My husband will be relieved!


This information was provided from a survey by Data Label


5 thoughts on “Do you find laundry labels confusing?

  1. I NEED this in my life! I not only have no clue what the means, except the dry clean only one that I look for when buying clothes as I have no time to take clothes to the dry cleaners!! I also have no clue what all the different cycles do on my washing machine. I’m sure I don’t make life easy for myself. I’m printing this too!! x

  2. Haha my husband is terrible for shrinking clothes! I know I shouldn’t complain as he does do the laundry, but so many times I empty the dryer and my clothes are shrunk!! He wasn’t quite as laid back about me shrinking his Vivienne Westwood jumper than I was about him shrinking my Primark one!! Great post though, I’m emailing it to Gaz right now!

  3. This was an education for me! I’m going to print this off too – thanks for sharing! I find those labels so confusing – I just want words not drawings. It took me a few minutes to see the difference between the cotton & synthetic washes lol it’s like a spot the difference test! xx

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