The Fantastical Winter Toybox at Erddig National Trust

The Fantastical Winter Toybox at Erddig National Trust

Erddig National Trust

Last weekend was a free weekend, no birthdays, no parties, no appointments. These weekends seem to be rare at the moment. So even though the rain was pouring we decided to go on a little family day out. Erdigg National Trust (one of our favourites) had a Fantastical winter toybox trail exhibition on. Erddig National Trust often have events and exhibitions on. I remember last year when they had an Alice in Wonderland Trail. There is always so much detail and work that goes into these events and they are well worth a visit.

However when we arrived at Erddig National Trust the rain had turned to snow and was falling quite heavy. We still managed to have a little look around but couldn’t stay as long as we would of liked as it was so cold and wet.

Erddig National Trust

What we did see though was amazing, there where huge old toys scattered around the gardens. A huge ballerina jewellery box, a huge colourful chess set, Noah’s Arc with the animal two by two. It was great running around to see what we could find.

Erddig National Trust


The Fantastical Winter Toybox at Erddig National Trust

The Fantastical Winter Toybox at Erddig National Trust

So whilst we didn’t have time to find all of the toys scattered throughout the gardens. What we did see is beautiful.  Erddig National Trust always have such amazing exhibitions and this one did not disappoint. And, although we are in January, with the beautiful gardens dusted with white snow gave such a Christmas and magical feel – it is so beautiful to see.

Erddig National Trust Erddig National Trust

Erddig National Trust is a beautiful place to visit all year around. The gardens and flowers are stunning throughout the Spring and Summer months. It has a really magical garden feel with lots of different sections to explore. There is also a woodland park area suitable for children all ages to play in. If you are lucky a tea/coffee van will be open so you can grab a cuppa whilst your children plan.

Have you visited Erddig National Trust yet?


16 thoughts on “The Fantastical Winter Toybox at Erddig National Trust

  1. A free weekend what a pleasure that is! I always feel envious of snow, I wish I could see snow falling #pointshoot

  2. This looks lovely, what a fabulous idea. I should imagine it is magical at any time, but I bet the snow did make a big difference. It’s a shame you couldn’t stay as long as you intended but it’s difficult to stay warm isn’t it? Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips.

  3. Sounds like a great place to explore when the weather’s a bit warmer. The National Trust have some innovative exhibitions at their sites! Snow looked fab despite curtailing your visit. #CountryKids

  4. Erddig National Trust really have outdone themselves this time, what a fab trail around the gardens. I bet the kids loved discovering all the different “toys” to find, they really did a good job of the items. The snow really must have made it magical for you all, I bet the kids loved exploring in the snow.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  5. What a fun place to explore. I love the chess pieces, George would love this. Thank you for joining in with #myfamilyadventures and I hope to see you again at the end of Feb x

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