National Trust

National Trust

You know when you are a fully fledged grown up when you become a member of the National Trust. My friends and family all think it is hilarious that I always become a member to places. Ness Gardens, Bodelwyddan Castle, Chester Zoo and now the National Trust to add to the list.  In all fairness, they are definitely worth it as we are always out and about and I only work 2 days. I have 3 days just me and Harri so we are often pottering places together.

On our quest to try different places to visit we decided to try Erddig which is fairly close to us, it is part of the National Trust so as usual my husband gets talked into signing up for membership. It consisted of a home and gardens to run around and explore, there is a really lovely park made from tree trunks and branches which the girls were delighted with. We had a good look around and, whilst the home was not all that child friendly, the outdoor space was perfect. They had a trail on for the Children with stickers being awarded upon completion (what child doesn’t love stickers?) and an area of twigs and sticks for den making. There was even a hut where you could sit and colour in for a bit – which was perfect when the rain started.

What suits us is some days we can visit and stay there until it gets dark and others when we just like to potter around for a couple of hours before feeling ready to leave. This is why membership is perfect for us.

I am looking forward to returning to Erddig when it’s a bit warmer for some picnics and play.




14 thoughts on “National Trust

  1. It’s totally worth membership if you use it like you clearly do! There is so much to offer with the national trust. Errdig looks lovely! We purchased youth hostel life membership last month, you get a gold card, lol!! Better than stickers but a sticker is good too!!

  2. I’ve been meaning to get NT membership for ages- I think we would use it so much! But I do agree thats when you know you are a grown up! xx

  3. Lol, maybe that’s why I’ve been resisting buying a season pass, refuse to consider myself as old!! You are right though, it makes it so much easier if you want to visit somewhere just for a few hours one day, no worries about making sure a single visit is worthwhile. It looks like a lovely place for a day out and great that they have even provided a few indoor activities like colouring too. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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