Blogging goals

Blogging goals

Now we are fully into spring the days are longer and brighter and the fog of the first few months is lifting. I feel like it is time for a good spring clean of my mind and life.

The problem with me is that I am not at all organised, I start the week with good intentions and by the end of the week I have gone completely off track, this goes for keeping the house tidy, making healthy teas, exercise and blogging. I think come Wednesday I just start dropping balls.

With this in mind I have decided to set myself a few goals starting with blogging. I wrote in my recent post Building the foundations about my first 6 months blogging and, whilst I am happy with my little space, I do feel like I need to start pushing myself a bit more and trying to increase traffic to my site. Here are a few things I hope to do in the next few months:

  • Learn how to schedule Tweets –  I have only been on Twitter a month or so and I have not spent much time       learning about it at all. I definitely need to invest some time, which hopefully will increase my followers
  • Learn about what plugins would be beneficial to my blog and install them.
  • Look at link ups and see what ones work best for my blog and keep a record of what days the link ups are.
  • Pinterest – I know I would love Pinterest but I have no idea where to even start. I aim to spend some time to get my head around it and hopefully begin to establish myself on it.
  • Sort out my pictures – I take hundreds of pictures and they are all stored on my computed with no                 organisation to them at all so, when I come to look for one, it takes me ages.
  • Make my blog more accessible – I am looking to change the theme of my blog. I like my current theme with pictures being the focal point but I do feel the single column post page is a bit restrictive.

The list could go on but I need to be realistic so I think this is it for now. I know some of these will take me no time at all and others will need a bit more attention. I think writing them down as actions definitely makes me feel a bit more organised and gives me some direction.

What do you think? Have you any tips for me?

19 thoughts on “Blogging goals

  1. I need to learn about twitter scheduling and SEO stuff too. Oh and plugins! I tend to blog on my phone as it’s easily accessible! #bloggerclubuk

  2. Most of these are things I need to sort out too, but I do like Buffer to schedule my tweets – gives you good analytics on them too which is nice.

    I’m a big lover of Pinterest, but I have to confess I don’t use it at all for my blog – my perception is that it works really well for people who do tutorials, or ‘how to’s’, but for my writing I don’t see it being a driver. Having said that, thousands clearly disagree with me as I know it works for them!

    Good luck with increasing your traffic – if you get any great tips I’d love to hear them as mine is stubbornly sticking at a (not very high!) point! #BloggerClubUK

  3. I’m sure you will master all of these in no time. I use hootsuite for tweets, it’s pretty good but loading pictures is a bit painful. Plugins, yet yourself Yeost for your SEO and linkies, well I’d love you to join mine with #CountryKids for outdoor fun weekly and #Trash2treasure for upcycling monthly. Whichever ones you join make sure you take the time to comment on others too. Best of luck, blogging is a great journey #Sharewithme

  4. I agree! When you get more organised you really do get more efficient and it helps. The only issue with blogging is that there is SO much to do – so don’t overdo it, set yourself small goals and try to achieve one a week or month. Good luck!!!! xx

  5. I think you are doing really well! I have only just sorted out twitter for scheduling old posts to be tweeted but I tend to use it to tweet more over night. I am also not sure how I feel about it, I worry about annoying people with it! I think you have some really good goals there. You baby me mummy has a really good post on the plug-ins to use. I found it really useful. #bloggerclubuk

  6. I literally don’t do anything to promote my blog, so I could probably learn from this too. I keep meaning to set up a Facebook account so I can have a page for my blog, but I’m a bit edgy about Facebook in general. I think engaging with lots of other bloggers does help though.

  7. Like you, I need to set some more specific blogging goals (rather than “grow my blog”). I’m a bit behind you and others as I need to investigate self hosting and self promotion. I also need to sort out my photos into a better system. Good luck! #TheList x

  8. I have written a ‘Linky List’ on my blog with my favourite linky’s from each day of the week. I don’t want to spam you with the link but go ahead and check it out if you are looking for inspiration x #MarvMondays

  9. What Katy Said has a brilliant list of essential plug-ins for your blog. I use Duplicate Post, Revive Old Post and Editorial Calendar the most. There are a few Linky Lists floating around too. #MarvMondays

  10. This is a great list of blogging goals! I use Socialoomph for scheduling tweets, it’s so so easy to use – which is good for me! x #TheList

  11. It’s always good to have a plan … Something which I really need to do and embrace but somehow never quite have enough time! I could always do with understanding more on SEO too as I am sure I am missing some tricks! Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week X

  12. It’s always good to have goals in order to stay on track and observe where you are. The most important thing though is to enjoy it. #TheList and #MarvMondays

  13. It’s great to have a goal in mind and direction when it comes to blogging. I still have so much to learn two years later. You are doing fab. Tweetdeck is super easy to use and schedule tweets without having to know about twitter much. I promise you. Get yourself a cheap external hard drive that literally just plugs into your usb and you can drag and drop all your photos and videos on to it and take them off your computer to store and free up space quick if you don’t use the cloud. There are groups of facebook that are linkys groups so you can go each day and see the various types of linkies that open up and what you want to join in with. Good luck on your blogging goals darling thanks for sharing them on #ShareWithMe

  14. Some fab ideas here Natalie. I’ve been blogging a year and I feel the same I love it but don’t blog enough, or have enough traffic, or get involved reading all the blogs I love and commenting! Definitely worth making some goals-good luck!! X

  15. I’ve been blogging over 2 years and there’s still so much I need to learn. I dip in and out of it depending on how busy I am so have been pretty inconsistent. I’m hoping to have a little more tie to get my head around things once I start my maternity leave on Friday. xx

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