Reality Bites

Reality Bites

I am never sure if I want to post when I have a bad day or a sad day. I wrote quite a sad post a couple of weeks ago and, whilst it was quite theraputic writing it, I simply can’t bring myself to read it again.  It makes me feel too sad. So I sometimes wonder should I omit bad/sad things from my blog and always put a positive spin on things? I guess the reason I wont is because this blog is real life and, whilst I don’t write down every sad or bad moment, I feel I owe to myself and others reading that, whilst life is generally good and happy and full of positives, sometimes it just doesn’t go to plan. Parenting, whilst amazing, can be tough and I wouldn’t want to give any illusions that it isn’t.

Today was tough – after a lovely week, the last day of the holidays I decided to spend Friday (today) just us girls. We have so many lovely friends that the majority of the holidays were spent catching up and having play dates. We all loved this of course but for today I thought it would be nice for us to do something fun without anyone else, to not have to keep to time schedules or do what anyone else wants to do. Just us means we can go where we want to, eat when we want to and go where the wind takes us.

Meme wanted to go the zoo, which we have a little love hate relationship with. I am a member because we don’t live too far from Chester Zoo and I take Harri quite often when Meme is in school.  Whenver Meme does go she never seems to enjoy it ( I actually thinks she likes the idea of the zoo rather than the reality).  We are not big animal lovers and the zoo is so big and tiring so I am always a bit reluctant to take Meme, especially as it is quite expensive. However, it was her choice so, armed with sandwiches and wellies (heavy rain was forecast), off we went.

As I feared, it was hard work.  Meme was uninterested and grumpy, Harri got tired really fast and cried most of the way around.  As a result, after a couple of hours (at this point we were all nearly crying), we decided to go home, although not before Meme requested a toy from the toyshop (you can imagine my answer to that one!)

Fifteen minutes after we returned home, Meme announced she was bored and could we do something – sigh! Anyway, not the greatest end to what was a lovely week and it is not very often I shout at my girls.  They are generally really good and I know I am incredibly lucky but today, today was hard.  Although hours later I am still feeling cross and grumpy, I know tomorrow is a new day and all will be forgotten.



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7 thoughts on “Reality Bites

  1. Gosh don’t ever apologise for being sad on your blog, I think people need to know that life isn’t always hearts and flowers. I enjoy reading both ends of the spectrum, it makes for a more real, rounded look at life. We can’t have the ups without the downs, can we? Why do we never listen to our inner voice telling us that something (a trip to the zoo) isn’t a good idea? I’m exactly th same – always hoping that this one time will be different!

  2. Sending big hugs, it’s awful when a day out goes completely wrong isn’t it? I remember us taking O to Cafe Rouge when he was a baby at Cheshire Oaks and everything was telling me we had the timing completely wrong but we risked it anyway. He screamed through the whole meal, we must have been the most hated people in there!!
    Luckily kids have very short memories for grumpy mummies, good job in this house! xx

  3. I often find days go like that. When you make a bit of effort and do something nice that costs money they end up being bored and uninterested and when you just stay at home or go to the park they are as good as gold. It is so hard sometimes being a Mum, never apologise for having a bad day. It’s good to be honest as you will still want to remember these parts too. x

  4. Sorry you had a rubbish day at the zoo, I’m a bit like Meme to be honest, I can’t spend the whole day at the zoo because I get bored. I think now I’m older I appreciate the animals a bit more though. And I always think it’s expensive just to look at some animals. I think it’s important to write about the things that don’t go so well, as well as the things that do. It’s your blog anyway so write whatever makes you feel better x

  5. Grumpy, sad and ordinary moments are those things that bind us together…like humanity and emotions. They just happen. Being in the moment allows us to feel them all, good and bad. Thanks for a great #FabFridayPost

  6. Awww… don’t beat yourself up too hard – we’ve all been there. Things like this happens to us too, we would have a wonderful day but before bed time it would ends with tears. At least you have acknowledged to why it was happening, and see how you can do it differently next time when you see the signs of it happening again. I’m not giving you any advice – everyone and every kids are different and we handles things differently. We are all doing our best. You should give yourself a pat on the back sometimes. Big hugs. xx

    Thank you for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

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